Turn Up the Volume



March 12, 2016

Many thanks to Alex Hill. Steve plans to order a Sony ICD-UX and to fix up a system to transfer the digital files into the computer here so that quality is optimized and size is minimized. The broadcasts by Robert Cheshire and yourself have made a huge impact worldwide over about five years. In the initial stages many thanks also to Simon Clifford. The first broadcasts were carried out here at home, with Simon in charge of the recording apparatus and computer interface. Then they were taken up by Robert Cheshire and then by Alex Hill. The idea now is to amplify the impact using youtube.”

So, how has that worked for you  so far? Just look at these:

Not exactly buzzing, are they? One can almost hear a mournful wind, and see tumbleweed. And those are expertly produced videos. One wonders just how much of a boring hash a ‘lone genius’ could make of a YouTube video. One like this perhaps?

If anyone can stay awake to the end, perhaps they could tell us how it finishes; a car-chase would be nice. What are the odds that comments are blocked or filtered for this video. After all, Ron really does not want to know what people think of him. The text is, of course, a tissue of lies. Apart from anything else, Schwarzschild did not ‘die of disease in the trenches’, he died at home from an autoimmune affliction.

Nice to see that Ron can respond to criticism





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