Limping Towards the Light


March 12, 2016

In ECE2 theory the graviton plays the role of photon in electromagnetism, so it is the spin one boson that mediates gravitational attraction, for example the gravitational attraction of two masses. In exact analogy two charges of opposite sign attract, and an oscillating charge (e.g. a spark or transmitter) radiates the electromagnetic field, which quantizes into photons. The photon itself has no charge, but it has mass because of the B(3) field. So an oscillating mass in ECE2 radiates a gravitational field, which quantizes into gravitons with mass. There is gravitational dipole radiation, gravitational quadrupole radiation and so on, exactly as in electromagnetism. If there is an oscillating negative charge (transmitter), located a metre from a receiver, the two charges attract, but at the same time the transmitter radiates. The complete process obeys the laws of conservation of energy / momentum and charge current density.”

Yes, Ron, one can have a dipole source of gravitational radiation. And one can imagine two closely-spaced masses radiating. But what other condition do we know that those masses would have to satisfy? Think about it.

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