Four Reliable Measures

There are now four reliable measures of Ron’s ‘success’ which can be used to counter his contrived and meaningless ‘scientometrics’. It is clear that the latter merely reflect internet ‘white noise’ and are utterly meaningless. Meanwhile there is Google Scholar, which shows that nobody but Ron and his gang cites his nonsense-physics. Scopus indicates even fewer citations, because Scopus has higher standards than Google as to what constitutes a scientific source of citations. Unfortunately, Scopus is hidden behind a pay-wall. The third measuring system has just been set up by Ron himself; literally making a rod for his own back. This system consists of his dozens of boring and tendentious YouTube videos. Some guidance is needed to get the best from these. Firstly, in order to make them more fun, increase the speed of the playback to make them even less intelligible … but rather more amusing. More importantly, press the button marked ‘More’ below the video. This brings up the statistics. Ron and his gang need not waste their time on trying to make the video look more popular, by repeatedly viewing it for just a second, because the statistics show the total and average times for which the video has been watched. The thumbs also cannot be manipulated unless one has access to umpteen different IPAs. The point is, of course, that all of those supposed thousands of visitors to Ron’s blog will be aware of the existence of the videos and, being such fans of ECE, they will rush to watch and applaud Ron’s work. One can therefore look forward to seeing hundreds of thumbs-up rather than the few thumbs-down which exist at present. When these fail to materialize, that fact will naturally confirm that there are in fact no followers.  What is the fourth measure? Well, this again is one that Ron set up himself months ago and daily shows  – in numerous ways – that nobody  takes any interest in him or his activities. We are keeping the nature of this measure secret because, the longer that it takes Ron to spot it, the more devastating the revelation will be. Finally, get voting on those videos!     


One Response to “Four Reliable Measures”

  1. Observer Says:

    Lol, oh yes. I see. How amusing! What a silly chump he is.

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