“Great Men are Necessarily Evil Men” Acton

FOR POSTING: realtion to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President

March 20, 2016

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was my ancestral cousin, he was descended from my direct ancestor King Tewdwr Mawr ap Cadell, (born 997), Brenin Deau Cymru (King of Southern Wales). Roosevelt was also descended from John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster, whose great grandson Sir Henry Stradling, Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, married my ancestral cousin Elsbeth ferch William ap Thomas of Raglan Castle (sometimes known as Elizabeth Herbert (born 1427)). She is not to be confused with my ancestral cousin Elizabeth Herbert (born 1476) who was married to Charles Somerset, Earl of Worcester (born 1460) also descended from John of Gaunt.”

But that means that you are also related (using the cousin-trick) to George W Bush and Winston Churchill. Hmm, Churchill: son of a syphilitic father and a mother who whored herself to get juicy posts for her son … which he then royally screwed up, causing many deaths (Gallipoli). Gee, Ron, why do you want to be associated with such people? Do/did any of them even speak Welsh?

PS:  Our writer-friend points out that there is another connection between Ron and Churchill. It is a little-known fact that Churchill proposed his own idea for a death-ray. It was infantile: essentially an unshielded nuclear reactor at the breech-end of a cannon. The previous incumbent of the ‘craigcefnparc-crackpot’ post was of course ‘death-ray’ Grindell-Matthews. Just before he died in 1941, he claimed that the government was making ‘overtures’ to him (after rightly dismissing him as a crook in 1925). Who knows? Winston ‘action-this-day’ Churchill was very fond of crackpots. He favoured the building of aircraft carriers out of sawdust-ice composites. When he sent their inventor, Pyke, to the USA Pyke was so arrogant (like all crackpots) that he came close to alienating Vannevar Bush, the head of wartime US research! 


7 Responses to ““Great Men are Necessarily Evil Men” Acton”

  1. County Councillor Ioan Richard Says:

    I am the long serving County Councillor representing Myron Evans’ home community. I have had to endure and suffer several years of his defamatory and deluded untruthful web comments about myself. I have just today 23-3-2016 discovered that he has copied, word for word, a historical article I researched and wrote in Augusr 2007 entitled “The road to Llaneithrim”. This was published in a local Sacred Hearts Church Magazine in August 2007. He has published it on his Science Fiction web site on 14-2-2008 in his name, as if he was the author. If anyone GOOGLES “The road to Llaneithrim” the facts are there for all to see. Surely such blatant copying, and using another person’s research, is pathetic and it clearly shows why he should be stripped of his Civil List status. No doubt this will provoke an outrage from this moron. Can all readers of Crackpotwatch please comment their opinions on this.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We can post your comment directly on the blog, if you wish.

    • Frank Brown Says:

      Ioan, is it true that your area is represented in the Welsh Assembly by Edwina Hart, the Welsh Science Minister?

      I know Ron has been harassing you and the local MP for years, but one would have thought that he, as Wales’s leading “scientist”, would focus his attention on the Science Minster if she represents him. Are there any stories of conflict between her and Ron?

  2. County Councillor Ioan Richard Says:

    As long as it reaches a large reading audience I agree. The more people who read this exposure of Evans copying other people’s works the better. In my last Council Election campaign he criminally breached the election purdah period legislation by defaming me as a candidate.Unfortunately, the Police said that prosecuting him would serve no purpose as I won with a big majority before they had time to press charges, Have you any estimate as to how many will read this? The more the merrier!

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Looking at his blog again, he seems to be commenting on the piece rather than passing it off as his own. That would be ‘fair comment’ and not a breach of copyright. It also seems that it was sent to him by the loony Australian as being the work of ‘our mole’. It is possible that Ron has already altered his blog, having seen your comment. This, of course, would be the type of situation in which all of his archiving will backfire. Perhaps the precise wording of his blog entry (current and archived) should be checked before making too much of a fuss about it. At the moment, our blog is read by about 30 different people per day.

  3. County Councillor Ioan Richard Says:

    I don’t think the Wales Assembly Government as such has a Science Minister. However, it does have an appointed Chief Scientific Adviser of an extremely high calibre. I forget his name, but I have met him. I believe this may be an Honorary Appointment rather than a Staff Member at Cardiff. In its beginning, the fledgling Wales Assembly appointed a former graduate Lab Technician to the post which was a bit of a joke. At that time Evans proclaimed for a long time that he was the self appointed Chief Scientific Adviser to the Wales Assembly until he got a “gypsy’s warning” to stop the embarrassing and deceitful pretence. A typical move by Evans.

  4. County Councillor Ioan Richard Says:

    P.S. to my last comment – YES our Wales Assembly Constituency GOWER, Swansea, is represented by the Labour Minister Edwina Hart AM. She has a massive important Ministerial portfolio which includes Science. She is extremely formidable and capable and suffers no fools! She is retiring on 5th May 2016. We will miss her. I wonder what she thinks of Evans? That question of “her opinion of Evans” should be reserved for a private conversation.

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