Religious Note

Greetings on Easter Day from the Co President, Gareth Evans

March 25, 2016

I first met Gareth Evans on a visit from Oxford in 1974 when his Ph. D. under Mansel Davies was stalled, and the attached shows his list of Fellowships and awards, which include the Mathews Prize for best first year undergraduate results.”

Most theologians consider ‘easter day’ to be the Sunday following Good Friday. We are surprised to find that such a Renaissance Man does not know that. Or have you, with your armiger status, decreed otherwise?


One Response to “Religious Note”

  1. Watcher Says:

    I expect his genealogy randomly traced back arbitrarily defines him as Christ’s, Mohammed’s, Buddha’s and Thor’s offspring, so I expect we can see him define any date for any event he cares to cast his ego towards. All hail Moron the Grate, freer of the village road, bastion of the squalid mine, defender of the imagined popularity and giver of the invented ream.

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