F- for French

All Books Doing very Well

March 26, 2016

Now that I have worked out how to calculate the number of books read from the downloaded storage, I can see clearly that all the books and papers, articles and so on posted on www.aias.us and www.upitec.org are doing very well, in English and Spanish. So congratulations to all authors. “En resiste a l’invasion des armees, en ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees” (Victor Hugo, “History of a Crime”). “The invasion of armies can be resisted, one cannot resist the invasion of ideas”. This is usually translated as “One cannot stop the march of ideas”.

It is ‘on’ Ron, not ‘en’. Can you not get anything right? We shall overlook the missing diacritical marks.


3 Responses to “F- for French”

  1. Naybor Craig Says:

    Quote Moron 27-3-16:- “As Armiger I have to obey the law,”
    He has a short memory. He broke serious electoral law in his last village Council election, and what about quack cancer cures?

  2. Naybor Craig Says:

    I see two million people are claimed to have read the Evans-Morris Papers. I presume he is referring to his former near neighbour, mass murderer David Morris who massacred a family of four near Moron’s home. Evans blogged a lot about these murders, of course not knowing anything of the facts. This awful sad tragedy made national headlines, so many millions read about it on their daily papers.
    As for Evans’ scientific papers it is known from reliable sources that only his little clique of pseudo scientist followers really read them. Perhaps as little as single figures. The other “hits” Evans gets are web surfers intrigued by his “headings” – but they switch off as soon as they realise his papers are all deluded nonsense and more importantly all scientifically flawed! Students need to beware of wasting time reading Evans’ utter nonsense.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Haha, it is of course a different Morris. This Professor (everyone Ron knows is promoted to that rank) Morris is, apparently, a slightly disabled janitor. It is one of the basic tenets of the lunatic fringe that scientific education and knowledge are barriers to making the big ‘paradigm-shifting’ breakthroughs. Mr Morris seems to be eminently qualified on that score. Returning to the real Morris, of whom Ron was clearly teeth-rattlingly frit, it is worth remembering that his capture was seriously delayed because the local police wasted a lot of time on arresting each other. It would be interesting to know why Ron’s own journal failed, and why we no longer hear anything about Mr Riecansky, the publisher. Could it be that Riecansky, although an ufologist and a promoter of some pretty weird books, became afraid that association with Ron would bring his company down? By the way, Companies House has just (9th inst.) discontinued its striking-off action against the company. Not to worry; this was an almost annual threat, always avoided at the last minute. Net assets have fallen by over 20% in recent times, but the debt/capital ratio is still quite healthy. On the other hand, Ron’s new publisher, New Generation Publishing, has net assets of minus £6300 and a debt/capital ratio of 117%. We suspect that Ron’s input will not help even a vanity publisher.

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