Differing Levels of Academic Depravity

A respected Professor (genuine) of Chemistry (real experiments, not mere mathematical modelling) at Manchester University (a real academic entity, not someone’s cottage) recently resigned because it had been discovered that he had been starring in hard-core pornographic films.  Some may call that depravity on his part, but he was very good at his day-job (and pretty expert at his hobby) and did nothing to besmirch academic standards and intellectual honesty.  How unlike the home-life of our own dear Ron, whose every written word, utterance and continued existence as a Civil-List pensioner is an affront to proper scientific mores. Rather than educating students in good scientific practice, as ‘Old Nick’ did, Ron has done untold damage to any scientifically inquiring minds that come upon (no pun intended) his pseudoscientific twaddle, and has diminished even more the ever-shrinking public understanding of science. There is only one level of depravity below Ron’s, and that is occupied by the likes of ex-Professor (materials science), Dr Judy Wood (the great whore of pseudoscience), who says that the twin-towers were brought down by a death-ray.  


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