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New Enterprise News

April 27, 2016

Regular readers will remember Colonel (SAS) Sir Arthur Edwyn Turner-Thomas VC, GC etc. etc., Ron’s favorite genealogist. Well, he has resurfaced and, as simple Sir Arthur Edwyn Turner VC, is now running a company called Red Kite Art and Jewels Ltd. The accounts made up to 28th February 2016 show healthy net assets of £29,339.

PS (1st May) A peculiarity of this website is that, at the moment, no art or jewels appear to be on offer! Still, what is just one more lie?


Closed-Minded … Us?

April 27, 2016

Just to show how open-minded we are, have a look at the video on this website:

Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

which features Mr Hoxsey, the most notorious cancer-cure quack of all time (dying Steve McQueen and Andy Kaufman were both ripped-off by the Hoxsey clinic even after the conman’s death). The above site, The Cancer Hub, comes very close to infringing UK laws on the marketing of so-called cancer-cures. So who runs this alternative-health site; he has certainly done well out of it, judging by the houses and cars in this area,,-3.8560385,363a,23.3y,331.52h,45.03t/data=!3m1!1e3

Step forward Christian Reason. Unless his name was ‘taken in vain’, this is the same person who was so upset by our treatment of the crackpot, Pope.  Why would he suddenly take such an interest? Let us see. Hmmm, Mr Reason lives in the Swansea area, and has an interest in cancer. Who else do we know who lives in the Swansea area and has an interest in cancer? Hey, Mr Reason, you and Ron should put your heads together … or have you already done so? 

[Un]reason replies:

“Wow your really pushing the boat with your assumptions! If this is a reflection on your intelligence as a scientist then I can understand why you run a troll website, it makes perfect sense.”

Firstly, do you mean “you’re”? It really is very funny when an outraged illiterate falls at the first hurdle like that. Secondly, did you not really mean to use the turn-of-phrase, “pushing the boat out“? It is doubly funny when an outraged illiterate falls at the second hurdle as well! So, what assumptions? Are you, or are you not, the person pushing dodgy advice on cancer treatment? If you are referring to the suggestion that you are a cats-paw for Myron Evans, then it really does not help your case that you use the knee-jerk ‘troll’ slur just as readily as he does. It is certainly a sad commentary on the state of UK science when quacks think that they can pass judgement on those who are simply defending proven physics, and when physics-cranks are defended by gulls such as Winfield who claim to have tasked themselves with communicating accepted science. No, none of us ‘run a troll website’, but some of us find it relaxing to snipe at the lunatic fringe as a break from correlating state-of-the-art genuine scientific research.




Death of a Welsh Crackpot#2

April 27, 2016

We have received a comment on our previous post, with the above title, and we think that the comment, and our reply, deserve wider dissemination:

“Wow what a reflection on you as a person to write about a man who has passed and who is no longer to debate or refute your comments which have intent to discredit! I have had the honour of working with Professor Viv Pope and what a lovely humble man he was. For those that do not know the man here is a documentary I helped produced for him –”



“We do not like crackpots here, and see no reason why the mere fact of death should sanctify their loony ideas. Do you really think that people like him are amenable to reason when they are alive? We have always tried to engage with loonies whenever possible and they have always refused to reply, or just repeated their misconceptions like a mantra … or simply hurled abuse and threats. They always deliberately put themselves outside of mainstream science simply because they always have other aims: they want to be ‘the new Einstein’ or they want to provide theoretical backup for their perpetual-motion or antigravity machine or cancer-cure. We are well aware that Pope collaborated with a university-employed mathematician. That may mean a lot to the layman, but it means nothing to us: the layman assumes that the crackpot has been ‘elevated’ by such a link, we instead wonder whether the mathematician deserves his job. We can cite mathematicians who have backed crooks, such as John Searl, using virtuoso displays of mathematics. What does that tell you? We know what it tells us! The ‘strike but hear’ pose is often the favored one of the ‘humble’ pseudoscientist. We see only the ‘umbleness of Uriah Heep. Now let us come to your own deceptiveness: you claim to have worked with ‘Professor’ Pope. Perhaps you would care to tell us whereof he held his chair. Did he have his own university or institute, located in his cottage, like many another? Where was his office? Was it perhaps shared ‘in spirit’ with another of his ilk at Keele? People like Pope, ‘Ron’ and yourself are a menace to the education of young scientists and, in the cut-throat world of technology, no nation can afford to have its young people crippled by the deceptions of the lunatic fringe.”

We can certainly agree that one cannot trust everything that comes out of universities: loonies seem to gravitate towards them with the same alacrity with with paedophiles gravitate towards schools and TV. They unfortunately also seem to be welcomed with the same alacrity. We also agree that angular momentum is not well understood by some people. But is that because of any fundamental failing, or simply because nearly all textbooks present the topic on a need-to-know basis? The subtleties of the subject are often neglected. The late (and, yes, unlamented by us) Eric Laithwaite once published an entire article which ‘proved’ (with a thought experiment) that linear and angular momentum are not separately conserved (thus contradicting a fundamental physical law). The article would have fooled most readers, but Laithwaite’s reasoning appeared to work only because of the sloppiness of presentation of most textbooks. To put it starkly: we say that a non-rotating object, moving in a perfectly straight line, can possess angular momentum. Sounds loony, right? But we are correct. Would Pope have agreed? Does his acolyte above agree? 

PS The real sting-in-the-tail here is that Professor Alan Winfield of the University of the West of England (or Bristol Technical College, as one of us remembers it before the cash-strapped UK government magically turned all such colleges into ‘universities’ overnight in order to be able to milk more students for cash) is a member of the UWE’s ‘Science Communication Unit’. Can one really imagine a worse person for such a task than crackpot-befuddled Winfield? In his defence, one must  mention that he is an electrical engineer, and they are always ‘physics-challenged’.

And of course Winfield is a completely unbiased, even-handed and disinterested individual,

LOL, LOL, LOL, … LOL ad inf.



A Nest of Vipers

April 27, 2016

Legal Scrutiny of Waste of Public Funds on Pseudoscience

April 27, 2016

As one of the acknowledged leaders of the avant garde ECE physics. I agree that there should be international legal scrutiny and enquiries about the waste of funding on the obsolete standard model of physics, now overturned by the ECE physics. Also legal scrutiny of how ECE scientists are locked out of funding and jobs, and of gutter abuse of ECE scientists. I feel that prosecutions for malfeasance and fraud are in order, and lawsuits for libel. It is very well known that AIAS / UPITEC has undermined the entire rotten facade built around the Einstein field equation, to which dogmatists are fixated. There is a difference between making an error and deliberately ignoring very well known refutations. The former is human, if quickly corrected it is fine, but the latter is fraud. The same type of thing happens in climatology and wind turbine scamming.”

Sam Spade has again done sterling service here as a crackpot-detector. That is, anyone or anything that he supports is guaranteed to be loony. The bride-of-Frankenstein lookalike, Jocelyne Lopez, is a spokesperson for an anti-Einstein organisation run by George Galeczki   and Peter Marquardt . It goes  without saying of course that they are all on the List of Dissident Scientists and that Galeczki and Marquardt tend to publish in dubious journals such as Apeiron. This is nevertheless an interesting development. Perhaps these loons will carry this fatuous yet malicious  implication of financial misconduct too far and will end up in court on the wrong end of a defamation suit. Meanwhile it is interesting to note that, even though Spade has published his latest rubbish on the crackpot vixra site as usual, it has not escaped criticism even there (quite apart from the complaints about his mass-mailing of his nonsense papers). It seems that his latest travesty is to be published in the Hadronic Journal. For the uninitiated: this is one of the longest-surviving crackpot-friendly publications. Guess who the founder was. Here is a visual clue:




April 27, 2016

For the edification of those readers of ours who do not already know this: they may be interested to learn that, although Ron has blocked any comment on his posts at, the same is not true of the site. His posts are to be found daily at this apparently more open-minded mirror site, and there is nothing to stop feedback being left there. Of course, the underlings will not be sufficiently open-minded to show the comment. Nevertheless, we think that it will be informative for Ron to know, every day,  in just what high esteem his work is held. 

Three Witches

April 27, 2016

Comment on Summary by Steve Bannister

April 27, 2016

Seconded, Steve Bannister has been following ECE theory since inception, fourteen years and is the leading economic expert on energy from spacetime and LENR.”

This comment from Ron, on the comment by Sewage Evans, on the summary by the Dismal Scientist, pretty much sums up what is wrong with the world. Here we have a loony ‘scientist’, a representative of local government, and an example of the profession that we trust with our financial well-being: all demonstrating the abject failure of the education system to inculcate any sort of Baconian self-questioning.   

Quark Source

April 26, 2016

Book of Scientometrics

April 26, 2016

I gave a copy of the Book of Scientometrics (UFT307) to Ben Jones of Mullock’s today and he was completely astonished at the vast interest. So am I in fact, because this is tough theoretical physics, difficult even for a specialist. Very similar to James Joyce, whose two novels “Ulysses” and “Finnegan’s Wake” are also very difficult avant garde prose poetry but sell by the millions.”

It is certainly astonishing that a so-called scientist, in receipt of a Civil List pension, would lie about there being a ‘vast interest’ in his pseudoscientific ramblings. They do not cause the slightest difficulty for specialists, as they are clearly rubbish. We agree of course that Joyce’s works are equally rubbishy, but they are part of ‘culture’ and reading them (or pretending to read them) is an essential rite-of-passage for the social climber. You should direct Mr Jones to the dismal collection below, so that he can ask himself why few, if any, of those thousands of followers vote on the videos. Are they too stupid to find their way there? Or are they simply a figment of your imagination.


Going Cheap

April 26, 2016

FOR POSTING: Auction on 30th June by Mullock’s

April 26, 2016

A collection of my medals, valued at about half a million pounds, and a sample folder valued at £50,000, will be auctioned by Mullock’s on 30th June, the catalogue will be ready in a few weeks. So I wish to support the auction and Proceeds will be invested in the Newlands Family Trust and used for various good purposes, notably science and the Welsh language. The material is being kept in a vault at Mullock’s insured for up to ten million pounds. All the material was transferred to Mullock’s today. I would be grateful if this notice could be posted on the home page of both sites, as the first item seen by the reader. Reference to the e bay auction should be removed, because the e bay auction it is now out dated and expired, and e bay is not suitable for such prestigious material.”

We have put that in our diaries, as we think that the medals would look nice on a charm bracelet (or would they then technically make it a ‘charmless’ bracelet?). The folder would be nice to have too; have you seen the shocking prices at Staples? It does not seem a lot to pay; we anticipate that the cost of a good meal for two should cover it all … when the auctioneer has wised-up (hammer prices at Mullock’s tend to be rather ‘muted’ to say the least). You must have spent a fortune on contents insurance. And now the cost of an armored car to the auction house. Or was it all transferred by registered mail? By the way, what is the point of removing references to the embarrassing Ebay auction from the site when blog references to that hilarious episode have been lovingly archived in several places?

Comprehensible Poet

April 25, 2016

Text of “A Sonnet Against Wind Turbines”

April 25, 2016

This sonnet appears on the penultimate page of the attached, I wrote it after “Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry” was published. It is preceded by a sonnet in the manner of Shakespeare. I recorded it two or three weeks ago.”

We prefer this one:


Congratulations to Gerard t’Hooft

April 25, 2016

… who has just won first prize, from the Gravity Research Foundation, for his essay: ‘Local Conformal Symmetry: the Missing Symmetry Component for Space and Time’. Stephen Hawking has not won a GRF first prize since 1971. Ron of course has submitted at least one essay but, again of course, never got anywhere. The less than obvious factor in all of this is that the GRF was founded by a rich loony and continues to consider all sorts of peculiar concepts. So Ron cannot claim that his effort was automatically rejected by closed-minded dogmatists. For instance, in 2010 a Richard T.Hammond won a fourth prize for his essay on the ‘necessity of torsion in gravity’; where were you Ron?