Faerie Tales

Reply from Ombudsman’s Office

April 4, 2016

To Mawr Community Council

I have been asked to make a detailed report of the common assault by Cllr. Ioan Richard, who is responsible for non government in Mawr, and a detailed report on Harris.”

And who exactly is going to believe the unsubstantiated claims of someone who constantly misinforms the Prime Minister’s Office about global warming and the state of modern physics? Someone who claims that perpetual-motion machines are being sold to big-business out of a Mexican hovel. Someone who illegally backs quack cancer-cures. Someone who defames CERN and famous British scientists. Not to mention someone who does not demur when his acolyte tells a rabid anti-semite shock-jock that Einstein and Cartan helped the Nazis to build anti-gravity machines. But, hey, keep all of that up. Not only will they not believe your cry-baby ‘verbal assault’ story, they might even start to wonder why you are receiving a Civil List pension.  


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