Looking for a Hero …

Demand for Apology Seconded

April 4, 2016

Agreed with Co President Gareth Evans. As Co President I demand a police investigation and dismissal for aggravated misconduct. What kind of example does this set for staff and students? If Australian law is similar to the common law here it is up to the police to decide whether or not to prosecute. In this case the evidence is written down, de facto.”

Our congratulations to Dr Chen for telling the irritating little pseudoscientist Stephen ‘Sam Spade’ Crothers where to get off. It would certainly be disgraceful for  a scientist to use such language when dealing with another scientist, but Crothers does not qualify as one. But Chen should not apologize. If one starts to apologize to the likes of Sam Spade, where will it end? We would sooner apologize to a cane toad which we had squashed. 


4 Responses to “Looking for a Hero …”

  1. Fenton Doolan Says:

    Dear Stephen,

    I can’t apologise enough for my for emails on Friday night. Both the language and sentiment were very inappropriate and were far from the standards of conduct I expect of myself, let alone those of the University of Adelaide. Please accept my heartfelt apologies for any distress my behaviour has caused.

    Yours sincerely,

    Michael Chen

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We cannot make up our minds as to whether this is a) a spoof, b) a message sent to the wrong person or c) a message copied to the right people. Whatever the case, we do not accept the apology. Crothers is a cretinous galah of a pseudoscientist and should be harried and insulted at every opportunity. He should certainly not be insulted using kindergarten epithets; he should be treated to the more macho language of the outback bar-room.

      • Interested Observer Says:

        Let it not be forgotten, either, that Crothers has a long record of being childish and obscene in his emails to real scientists. His own website contains this example from a letter to M.H.A. MacAllum, a very nice man who was perfectly reasonable and entirely undeserving of such treatment:

        “I must first apologise, as you for a gentleman I mistook. In all the email
        you sent me you included rude, arrogant, condescending, stupid, and insulting remarks. You have rightly earnt yourself a bloody nose, and if not for the distance between us I might well have visited you to deliver the causative blow, not because of your incompetent technical argument, but because your behaviour has been that of an arsehole. It seems that you are doomed to live and die a conceited shithead, and, moreover, a conceited shithead who cannot do even elementary geometry.”

        Crothers is a charlatan and a hypocrite.

        • crackpotwatch Says:

          Thanks to the internet, obnoxious cranks like Crothers and Evans – not to mention the predatory publishers who are launching hundreds of loony-friendly ‘journals’ – are doing untold damage to the scientific understanding and education of young people. In spite of secondary education, students have long turned up at university still holding ‘Aristotlean’ beliefs about physics. Thanks to the internet loonies, coming generations will first have to be talked out of wanting to ‘research’ the ‘free energy’ and antigravity devices which they have seen on YouTube.

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