And You Really Told Them That??


April 6, 2016

Dear Dr. Hawes,
Many thanks for this kind invitation. I would much like to attend the dinner, but following a severe illness from 1998 to 2003 I am not allowed to travel far on medical advice. However, AIAS Fellow Kerry Pendergast has indicated that he could attend on my behalf. He is a Hauksbee Medallist of the Royal Society. I hope that he can be allowed to attend.

Updating List of Achievements
My biographical details are found on , notably the blue box above my coat of arms on the home page.”

You really told the Ramsay people that you are now into backing perpetual-motion machines? We bet that they did not envisage that  turn of events when they gave you the award. Penderghastly may have to put up with some pretty sarcastic post-prandial conversation. On the other hand, perhaps all chemists are pig-ignorant when it comes to physics and mathematics; just look at how long it took them to work out the carbon fullerene molecular structure because they were ignorant of basic topological geometry.  


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