Out-of-Touch as Usual

Plans for UFT344: Lense Thirring Precession and the Gravitomagnetic Field

April 6, 2016

The Lense Thirring precession, or frame dragging, is explained directly by the ECE2 gravitomagnetic field equations. The Lense Thirring precession is half the gravitomagnetic field of ECE2, thus proving the ECE2 equations immediately. The gravitomagnetic field of a rotating body produces an effect on a gyroscope called “frame dragging”. This is exactly analogous to a magnetic field producing a change of orientation of a compass needle. The gyroscope is a circle of mass in a loop and is exactly analogous to a magnetic dipole moment (electric current in a loop). A literature search using google keywords “Gravitomagnetic field and precession” produces the following paper on the first page of the Google results:”

Don’t you know, Ron, that the Lense-Thirring effect is considered to be the only thing that could come anywhere near to providing UFO-style antigravity? Bob Forward won a prize from the Gravity Research Foundation* for an essay on his design for a ‘practical’ antigravity device based upon the effect. But he was the first to admit that the design was far far far far beyond  our technological abilities. That did not deter certain aerospace magazines from publishing artists’ impressions of Forward’s device, hidden away in current aircraft. That only goes to show just how dishonest even mainstream engineers are about the limits of physics. Suddenly one realizes that Nick Cook of Jane’s Defence Weekly, who wrote that ludicrous book about secret antigravity research, is very much the rule rather than being an exception. 

*Set up by a crank, and still run by cranks, but always popular among certain people because, at one time, the top monetary prize was larger than the Nobel Prize cash reward. Among those who have tried to win a prize are Stephen Hawking … and our own dear Ron.


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