For Ron Hath Murdered Dylan

FOR POSTING: “Over Sir John’s Hill” by Dylan Thomas

April 10, 2016

This is an elegy for humankind under the shadow of the hawk on fire, the newly created atomic bomb of 1945.”


Being philistines here,  we find poetry to be meaningless (and yet we suggest that a ‘fire-engine on fire’ would have much greater emotional impact). However, Ron, there is no call to make it incomprehensible as well! Here is how it should be read; ‘mechanically portentous’ of course, but with proper diction and articulation:



One Response to “For Ron Hath Murdered Dylan”

  1. Poetic Justice Says:

    These pathetic readings of Science Fiction Papers and mind droning readings of his and others’ poems are a major distraction to the Car Parking disputes and Ombudsman war that Moron has declared against his neighbours and the Queen’s appointed Ombudsman. He should be very wary of the very serious consequences of “taking on” the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman has asked Moron to remove certain items from the science fiction blog and Moron is defying the Ombudsman. Moron the door will be knocked very soon.

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