Poor Confused Ron

The Law of Precessions

April 15, 2016

The astronomically measured rate of precession in radians per second is half the gravitomagnetic Lande factor multiplied by the magnitude of the gravitomagnetic field of Evans Eckardt relativity. For the Lense Thirring precession (“frame dragging”) the Lande factor is one. For other precessions it is different from one in general and characterizes the precession. for example the precession of the perihelion, Thomas precession, the geodedic or de Sitter precession, the equinoctial precession, the earth’s precession or spinning top precession or “wobbling” of the earth’s axis.”

No, Ron, the ‘wobble’ of the Earth’s axis, now named for Chandler, is caused by nutation; not precession per se. Incidentally, how do you incorporate nutation into your fatuous new theory? That is the problem with all of your ‘one-trick pony’ theories: it is easy to think up theories which explain just one aspect of a phenomenon, perhaps much better than does the existing theory. The mark of a valid theory however is that it explains all aspects of the phenomenon. We have frequently pointed this out concerning your gravitational theories; where, we have asked, is the explanation of the tides? Again incidentally, why was Sam Spade at an ‘electric universe’ conference (see our previous posts)? Could it be that he is not really on your side? The fact that you are both anti-Einstein does not necessarily mean that he believes your theory. This is a universal problem among crackpots. Former AIAS member, Dunging-Davis is also an electric-universe crank. AIAS: a rubbish-bin for failed scientists. Next stop for AIAS? The rubbish-bin of history.


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