Serial Offender

Evans Eckardt Relativity

April 15, 2016

If the AIAS / UPITEC staff and others are agreed I can proceed in this way. There is already tremendous interest in it worldwide.”

Ahem, see rule 25

Of course, we do not play favourites and are basically ‘agin everything’ that is scientifically dodgy. So it is a bittersweet pleasure that we now have some pseudoscience-related ‘dirt’ on Baez himself. It is so so hard to find a paragon of virtue these days. 


2 Responses to “Serial Offender”

  1. Dirt Digger Says:

    I’ve been doing some research on Moron’s title of Armiger. It seems this is something you simply buy off the “College of Arms”. Today’s price is about £6,000. It might have been cheaper a few years ago when Moron bought his in a fit of Vanity and Pretence!
    It gives you the right to use a coat of arms and bear that coat of arms as an Armiger, but not the right to bear arms and weapons. So the dog walking stick he brandishes can no longer be carried. Further, it gives nobody the right to call oneself a Member of the Gentry or Lord of the Manor or any other Lord or Baron or Earl status. Not everyone is accepted, but most with £6,000 to waste are accepted. In his case the cash and his two doctorates were enough PhD & DSc were accepted as the College of Arms were unaware of his deluded condition. Basically it means little more than a fancy Blue Peter Badge and is far lower than a Boy Scout’s Duke of Edinburgh award. Seemingly Moron is a source of gross embarrassment to other Armigers. What says you the commoners?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We pointed all of this out long ago. Perhaps someone in the village with £6000 to splurge should get a coat-of-arms and seriously put Ron’s nose out-of-joint: with rapid demotion from ‘the armiger’ to ‘an armiger’. Who knows? Perhaps a more modest one already exists in the village. Why not telephone the College of Arms and ask. Ask also about Ron’s status. We were told that Ron could not achieve a lower rank ‘unless he changed sex’.

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