Proud, Ron?

Superconducting levitation thruster

April 16, 2016

This may be of interest to the group, especially the development of ECE2 theory for the idea.”

How honored you must feel Ron, to be contacted by LaViolette, one of the world’s leading loony-tunes! The mountain of lunacy has come to the crackpot-Mohammad of Craigcefnparc! Nassikas has long been on our radar as being an academic loony who (unbelievably) was entrusted with the education of others. In fact, Greece currently boasts two antigravity-pushing professors. One of them favors moronic mechanical methods while the other favors crazy electromagnetic ones. Gee, the Greek government must really be short of money if those are the best staff that they can afford. LaViolette and Nassikas are, of course, both members of crackpot-central (aka the Natural Philosophy Alliance). Nassikas is also a member of the Telesio-Galilei organisation, run by former AIAS member, Dunging-Davies. Nassikas is in good company, as another member of Telesio-Galilei is successful antigravity patentee, Boris Volfson, whose background (and reputation) is in sewage. However, what we really wanted to tell you is that LaViolette is selling Nassikas short. ‘Nasty-Case’ has also applied for a patent on a ‘space-time energy’ pump (having given up on Wankel-ripoff engine designs) which “absorbs ether gravitational space”.  You had better rush to explain it using your ECE2 theory. Good idea, by the way, to stick to that name; you would not want any German loony to share in your glory. 


2 Responses to “Proud, Ron?”

  1. Stone Digger Says:

    Moron placed three boulders on the road carriageway outside of his neighbour’s garage access on 15-4-16. Each were the size of a large bread loaf. and about six inches into the road, off land his neighbour owns. Yes, land his neighbour owns! The road is an unadopted cul de sac that serves about forty dwellings and a farm. This was a ridiculous dangerous thing to do. He could have caused a serious vehicle accident, or an elderly pensioner pedestrian could have had a nasty fall. Two Police Officers removed the boulders on 16-4-16 and dumped them in a hedge they then spoke to Moron. After they left Moron was seen ridiculously struggling to carry the boulders one by one back into his back garden. Is this the uncivil behaviour expected or permitted of someone conferred a Queen’s Civil Listing? Can the Palace tolerate this?

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