Craigcefnparc: Future Ghost-Town

Application for Double Yellow Lines

April 17, 2016

The Community Council and the police, working in coordination, can make an application for double yellow lines throughout Mawr, so a thousand pound fine would be imposed on cars parking on double yellow lines. I have no idea why double yellow lines were not put down fifty years ago.”

Duh, Ron, Duh; car-ownership was much lower years ago and parking was therefore not an issue (and is probably still not an issue among reasonable folk). But what of the future? Barring the parking of cars on the road will remove their ‘traffic-calming’ effect and thereby lead to higher vehicle-speeds through the village. More importantly, it will make it unfeasible for many residents to own a car if there is no convenient place to park it. This in turn will make the village entirely unsuitable as a ‘dormitory location’ for workers employed in Swansea, etc. Some may turn their front gardens into parking spaces; probably removing ‘historic’ brickwork in the process and leading to increased water run-off and flooding when it rains. Others will simply move away (being very careful to conceal the existence of ‘Toad of Toad Hall’ from buyers) and their place taken by the housebound. Rental agencies might well move in and let the properties acquired to those who do not need to work; including the long-term unemployed. All-in-all the character of the village, which you supposedly value, will be destroyed.        


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