Super-Proud, Ron?

Magnetic field of rotating conductors

April 17, 2016

Dear Jean de Climont,

Many thanks, we have looked at this device, and our assessment has been posted on the blog, in cooperation with Dr. Horst Eckardt and the group of experimentalists with whom he works in Muenich.”

Yesterday it was LaViolette. Today it is Climont, compiler of the List of Dissident Scientists. This, even more than so than is membership of the Natural Philosophy Alliance, is a handy guide for any layman who may otherwise be taken in by the superficial appearance of scientific rectitude. By the way, Ron, the point of LaViolette’s communication was to advertise a crowd-funding initiative to finance Nasty-Case’s antigravity machine. To our minds, any attempt to crowd-fund an impossible invention is outright fraud.   We know of an American divorce-lawyer who is using crowd-funding to finance his mechanical antigravity machine. His legal training may well prove useful in court … if the law ever catches up with pseudoscientific conmen, that is: it can barely get to grips with pyramid-selling and Ponzi frauds. 


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