“Moron placed three boulders on the road carriageway outside of his neighbour’s garage access on 15-4-16. Each were the size of a large bread loaf. and about six inches into the road, off land his neighbour owns. Yes, land his neighbour owns! The road is an unadopted cul de sac that serves about forty dwellings and a farm. This was a ridiculous dangerous thing to do. He could have caused a serious vehicle accident, or an elderly pensioner pedestrian could have had a nasty fall. Two Police Officers removed the boulders on 16-4-16 and dumped them in a hedge they then spoke to Moron. After they left Moron was seen ridiculously struggling to carry the boulders one by one back into his back garden. Is this the uncivil behaviour expected or permitted of someone conferred a Queen’s Civil Listing? Can the Palace tolerate this?”

‘Stone Digger’, 17th April 2016

“Neither the Council nor the police object to my fencing the boundary and sealing off my driveway. They cannot interfere with private land. Yesterday I marked the boundary with heavy stones. These were stolen within twenty four hours, but I found them and have stored them. They are valuable granite stones given to me by my lifelong friend Peter Harris. This theft is another serious offence. I am hereby reporting this theft to PC Jamie Grey, and to the Member of Parliament with a request for an investigation.”

Ron, 17th April 2016

Any bets on which version is the more accurate?



One Response to “Rashomon-Effect”

  1. Stone Digger Says:

    Moron, It was the Police that moved the boulders. Nobody stole them as you later claimed. YOU put them there endangering life. As it is an unadopted road, and does not involve the Local Council, the POLICE MOVED THEM urgently in the interest of public safety. Nobody stole them. You since claimed they were valuable granite boulders. Even as a pseudo scientist you should have recognised the boulders as local Millstone Grit boulders rounded by glacial action. There is no granite geology locally, other than possibly in your head as a replacement for a brain. You were witnessed later recovering them to return to YOUR garden. Can someone in Authority refer this hazardous and dangerous behaviour to the Palace?

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