Timely Intervention


Hey, Ron, the latest issue of American Journal of Physics is entirely devoted to instruction in the field of general relativity; including the weeding-out of misconceptions. If only you could read it … but, like all of the good (i.e. non-pseudoscientific) stuff, it is behind a paywall. If you could read this issue, we would particularly recommend the article on the Coriolis field, which presents:- “… a pedagogical discussion of the Coriolis field, emphasizing its not-so-well-understood aspects. We show that this field satisfies the field equations of the so-called Newton–Cartan theory, a generalization of Newtonian gravity that is covariant under changes of arbitrarily rotating and accelerated frames. Examples of solutions of this theory are given, including the Newtonian analogue of the Goedel universe. We discuss how to detect the Coriolis field by its effect on gyroscopes, of which the gyrocompass is an example. Finally, using a similar framework, we discuss the Coriolis field generated by mass currents in general relativity, and its measurement by the gravity probe B and LAGEOS/LARES experiments.” Perhaps it is a good thing that you cannot learn of such things, Ron: you might try to turn the Newton-Cartan theory into the Newton-Cartan-Evans theory! Another 25 points on the Baez crackpot-index, Yeeey!


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