RON!  Half the day is gone and you have not yet wished your employer (according to you) a happy birthday! Don’t you owe fealty, being a member of the nobility (according to you)? Is it because you are American when it suits you? Why don’t you go home? We have often thought that California would welcome you. California: the trail-mix state, where everyone who is not a fruit is a flake or a nut.


3 Responses to “Lèse-Majesté”

  1. Coal Digger Says:

    Moron, You are obviously not taking your medication properly these past few weeks according to the nonsense in your blog – scientifically and comments about village life. I advise you to leave that dangerous wooden club at home when walking the streets. Hide it under your dangerous boulders in your family estate garden. Both could cause damage to good villagers. Oh, by the way there are several vacancies on your local Community Council. Why not stand as a candidate? Surely a world known exeminent person like yourself would get elected.

  2. Bogmire Digger Says:

    Moron does not understand the old saying – “Kicking the ball into the long grass”. Can you at CRACKPOTWATCH explain to him what that means? I ask this, as this is what the Ombudsman has just done to his recent complaints. This is also what has been done by his MP and local Police with all of his deluded fabricated recent and past complaints against his neighbours and Councillors. There is talk of some near neighbours seeking a court injunction to stop his crazy Blog comments. Will he defy a Court Injunction? If any reader of CRACKPOTWATCH has any sympathy with this deluded nasty Moron, can you write to his G P Doctor to suggest that an increase in his medication is taken regularly and not dropped, before any Court Injunctions take place. He is teetering on the edge of a volcano of legal actions.

  3. Lawabiding Digger Says:

    Moron, Should abide by the law. He is not above the law by using all or any of his several bogus titles. It is unlawful to defame candidates in their election Purdah Periods. Moron has done this to his local Councillor. He is advised to read the contents of the following advisory web site:- http://www.gov.uk/government/publications/election-guidance-for-civil-servants If he ignores this advice he could be prosecuted by the criminal justice system.

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