Craigcefnparc News #9

‘Lawabiding Digger’ reports:

“Moron, Should abide by the law. He is not above the law by using all or any of his several bogus titles. It is unlawful to defame candidates in their election Purdah Periods. Moron has done this to his local Councillor. He is advised to read the contents of the following advisory web site:

If he ignores this advice he could be prosecuted by the criminal justice system”



3 Responses to “Craigcefnparc News #9”

  1. Lawabiding Digger Says:

    Someone this week mentioned “kicking the ball into the long grass”. Well that has happened today. Moron was forced to move his car off land he falsely claimed is his, and he is now parking his car on the tiny bit of land that he does own. The neighbour must have kicked him off the falsely claimed Newlands Estate Lands.

  2. Poetry Digger Says:

    Moron, You really know how to slaughter barddoniaeth; cynghanedd; poetry; verse; rhyme and all reason of everyone’s literature and you even slaughter your own feeble writings. Please stop embarrassing Welsh people with your postings of your readings on your Sci-Fi Blog. Furthermore, we all note you did not write anything to commemorate your Queen’s birthday – not even one tribute couplet. In the meantime, villagers report that you are nudging the nose of your car into the unadopted public highway that you falsely claim as yours just to spitefully inconvenience your good neighbour who parks his car outside his own garage that you tried unsuccessfully (past tense) to falsely claim as yours. Will you be bringing back your boulders soon, armed with your offensive wooden club.? We know you read these postings on Crackpotwatch Moron, so can you respond on your own Sci-Fi Blog? What says you Crackpotwatch? Does he read this Blog? Let’s have a dialogue!

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      It is a constant joy to us that he now has to go through life, mispronouncing and misspelling words that we have corrected on our blog, for fear that we would make capital (and we surely would) out of the fact that others might think that he was reading our works.

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