Why Indeed?

Assault Complaint your ref. 4618/201600256

April 25, 2016

Ombudsman Wales,
Dear Mr Thomas,
I repeat that this common assault took place. You have my word as an Armiger (Member of the Gentry) and Civil List Pensioner, appointed directly by Queen Elizabeth, and my word as a U. S. citizen. Why should I make a complaint if the assault did not take place?”

… why would I claim that perpetual-motion machines are being sold to Fortune-50 companies out of this building?

My beautiful picture

… why would I claim to be the world’s most prolific and successful physicist when nobody but myself and a few loony friends ever cite my publications?

… why would I tell the Prime Minister that wind turbines can, and should, be replaced by the perpetual-motion devices of a Japanese crackpot?

… why would I recommend that the UK government should fund the cancer-curing levitating perpetual-motion machine of a convicted thief and saboteur?

… why would I claim to have received written ‘death threats’ but never post the evidence on my blog (which is good enough for posting all sorts of other nonsense)?

… why would I inform people that ‘armiger’ is equivalent to a knighthood and that a Civil List pension is superior to the Order of Merit?

… why would I defame well-known scientists such as Atkins and Hawking, and call for CERN to be closed down, without good reason?

… oh dear, I appear to have comprehensively answered my own question.


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