Quark Source

Book of Scientometrics

April 26, 2016

I gave a copy of the Book of Scientometrics (UFT307) to Ben Jones of Mullock’s today and he was completely astonished at the vast interest. So am I in fact, because this is tough theoretical physics, difficult even for a specialist. Very similar to James Joyce, whose two novels “Ulysses” and “Finnegan’s Wake” are also very difficult avant garde prose poetry but sell by the millions.”

It is certainly astonishing that a so-called scientist, in receipt of a Civil List pension, would lie about there being a ‘vast interest’ in his pseudoscientific ramblings. They do not cause the slightest difficulty for specialists, as they are clearly rubbish. We agree of course that Joyce’s works are equally rubbishy, but they are part of ‘culture’ and reading them (or pretending to read them) is an essential rite-of-passage for the social climber. You should direct Mr Jones to the dismal collection below, so that he can ask himself why few, if any, of those thousands of followers vote on the videos. Are they too stupid to find their way there? Or are they simply a figment of your imagination.




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