A Nest of Vipers

Legal Scrutiny of Waste of Public Funds on Pseudoscience

April 27, 2016

As one of the acknowledged leaders of the avant garde ECE physics. I agree that there should be international legal scrutiny and enquiries about the waste of funding on the obsolete standard model of physics, now overturned by the ECE physics. Also legal scrutiny of how ECE scientists are locked out of funding and jobs, and of gutter abuse of ECE scientists. I feel that prosecutions for malfeasance and fraud are in order, and lawsuits for libel. It is very well known that AIAS / UPITEC has undermined the entire rotten facade built around the Einstein field equation, to which dogmatists are fixated. There is a difference between making an error and deliberately ignoring very well known refutations. The former is human, if quickly corrected it is fine, but the latter is fraud. The same type of thing happens in climatology and wind turbine scamming.”

Sam Spade has again done sterling service here as a crackpot-detector. That is, anyone or anything that he supports is guaranteed to be loony. The bride-of-Frankenstein lookalike, Jocelyne Lopez, is a spokesperson for an anti-Einstein organisation run by George Galeczki   and Peter Marquardt . It goes  without saying of course that they are all on the List of Dissident Scientists and that Galeczki and Marquardt tend to publish in dubious journals such as Apeiron. This is nevertheless an interesting development. Perhaps these loons will carry this fatuous yet malicious  implication of financial misconduct too far and will end up in court on the wrong end of a defamation suit. Meanwhile it is interesting to note that, even though Spade has published his latest rubbish on the crackpot vixra site as usual, it has not escaped criticism even there (quite apart from the complaints about his mass-mailing of his nonsense papers). It seems that his latest travesty is to be published in the Hadronic Journal. For the uninitiated: this is one of the longest-surviving crackpot-friendly publications. Guess who the founder was. Here is a visual clue:





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