Closed-Minded … Us?

Just to show how open-minded we are, have a look at the video on this website:

Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

which features Mr Hoxsey, the most notorious cancer-cure quack of all time (dying Steve McQueen and Andy Kaufman were both ripped-off by the Hoxsey clinic even after the conman’s death). The above site, The Cancer Hub, comes very close to infringing UK laws on the marketing of so-called cancer-cures. So who runs this alternative-health site; he has certainly done well out of it, judging by the houses and cars in this area,,-3.8560385,363a,23.3y,331.52h,45.03t/data=!3m1!1e3

Step forward Christian Reason. Unless his name was ‘taken in vain’, this is the same person who was so upset by our treatment of the crackpot, Pope.  Why would he suddenly take such an interest? Let us see. Hmmm, Mr Reason lives in the Swansea area, and has an interest in cancer. Who else do we know who lives in the Swansea area and has an interest in cancer? Hey, Mr Reason, you and Ron should put your heads together … or have you already done so? 

[Un]reason replies:

“Wow your really pushing the boat with your assumptions! If this is a reflection on your intelligence as a scientist then I can understand why you run a troll website, it makes perfect sense.”

Firstly, do you mean “you’re”? It really is very funny when an outraged illiterate falls at the first hurdle like that. Secondly, did you not really mean to use the turn-of-phrase, “pushing the boat out“? It is doubly funny when an outraged illiterate falls at the second hurdle as well! So, what assumptions? Are you, or are you not, the person pushing dodgy advice on cancer treatment? If you are referring to the suggestion that you are a cats-paw for Myron Evans, then it really does not help your case that you use the knee-jerk ‘troll’ slur just as readily as he does. It is certainly a sad commentary on the state of UK science when quacks think that they can pass judgement on those who are simply defending proven physics, and when physics-cranks are defended by gulls such as Winfield who claim to have tasked themselves with communicating accepted science. No, none of us ‘run a troll website’, but some of us find it relaxing to snipe at the lunatic fringe as a break from correlating state-of-the-art genuine scientific research.





4 Responses to “Closed-Minded … Us?”

  1. Christian Reason Says:

    Wow your really pushing the boat with your assumptions! If this is a reflection on your intelligence as a scientist then I can understand why you run a troll website, it makes perfect sense.


  2. Christian Reason Says:

    Listen up pal! Your assumptions are way off. For a start I certainly don’t run a cancer website. My wife has a website which she shares information on. Unfortunately she is a stage 4 metastatic cancer sufferer. Science and conventional treatment are not in a position to help her like many others in her boat! She is entitled to share information and regardless of what opinion the science community has alternative therapies there are people out there who appear to benifit from such “quackery” so when I say your assumptions are way off they are and, you seem to be making it up as you go along. As for posting a google map link on your website like some 14 year old with daddy issues then seriously grow the fuck up, feel free to come and knock my door any time.

    Since when is sharing information breaking marketing laws when it comes to blogging, my wife makes no claims and certainly is not running a business on the subject matter, she’s too busy trying not to die!!!

    I found information on your website via a Google search relating to a gentleman who I did some work for in the context of producing a video “Thats what I do by the way” I found your post offensive towards a dead man who has family who have probably seen your post and simply shared an opinion and In turn you have appeared to have started some type of which hunt and certainly made defamatory comments based on your way off thought process. Do you treat all your website visitors this way for expressing an opinion that goes against your thought process??? Seriously pull your knickers up and stop acting like a spoilt brat!

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      If you do not run the Cancer Hub website then why are you listed as the registrant? Better get that corrected sharpish, lest you fall foul of the strict UK laws on the offering of cancer-related advice. We are sorry for your wife’s plight of course and are ourselves familiar with the feeling of ‘invulnerable empowerment’ that it imparts to a carer … but we always avoided exploiting it. We are well aware that you describe yourself as a film editor, but we can find no trace of the related company which you claim to have started. Again, one cannot excuse the pernicious views of a crackpot simply on the basis of his death. That would be far too convenient for the lunatic fringe; which itself never ceases to bad-mouth every famous genuine scientist, and especially Einstein. Yes, we do abuse all visitors of your type, but it is not for going against our views; it is for indirectly going against well-established scientific facts. And please do try to drag your rhetoric out of the playground and off the amateur psychologist’s beat.

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