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Regular readers will remember Colonel (SAS) Sir Arthur Edwyn Turner-Thomas VC, GC etc. etc., Ron’s favorite genealogist. Well, he has resurfaced and, as simple Sir Arthur Edwyn Turner VC, is now running a company called Red Kite Art and Jewels Ltd. The accounts made up to 28th February 2016 show healthy net assets of £29,339.

PS (1st May) A peculiarity of this website is that, at the moment, no art or jewels appear to be on offer! Still, what is just one more lie?


4 Responses to “New Enterprise News”

  1. Truth Seeker Says:

    Evans posted the following on his blog on 26-4-16:-
    Complaint against Ioan Richard Reopened
    April 26, 2016
    This case has been reopened by the Ombudsman.
    This is an out and out untruth. Evans has made many complaints against his local Councillor. They have all been dismissed by the Ombudsman (and other Authorities). However Evans uses this procedure to post comments on his Blog which people / victims have no device for answering to the effect of “Complaint made against Councillor” and “Councillor being investigated” which Evans posts publicly on the web. The latest complaint was yet again rejected by the Ombudsman. So Evans then asks for a review of that decision. The Ombudsman is then obliged to refer his complaint to a bulging full in-tray for review. That does not mean the complaint case has been re-opened. The complaint is just lying dormant in an in-tray for possible future review. This is a big difference and an evil twist of words by Evans.Just bear that in mind. He is utterly deluded and thinks he can cast evil slurs on any innocent person with whom he disagrees. This has been confirmed by the Ombudsman today 28-4-16. No case has been re-opened! What do you think Crackpotwatch?

  2. Truth Seeker Says:

    Latvian. Where?

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