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Phishing for Fame?

May 28, 2016

Thanks to Joachim Althaus

May 28, 2016

Joachim Althaus
Government of the City of Vienna,

Many thanks, I am forwarding this to the group and blog. I notice that the Government of Vienna has been involved in a couple of recent web conferences on ECE theory. My system could not open the link but I will try to read it off the blog. I am sure it is very interesting.”

So now you are counting spam as praise? That link has had our computer-security software going off like fire-bells! But it is not surprising; after all, 98% of the hits on your website are spam.


Alas Poor Warwick

May 28, 2016

UFT88 Studied at the Universities of Strasbourg and Warwick

May 28, 2016

UFT88 was studied at Warwick a few days ago. Strasbourg or Strassburg is ranked 409 in the world by webometrics, 302-350 by Times, 87 by Shanghai and 226 by QS. It has 46,000 students and was founded as a Lutheran Gymnasium in 1538. Goethe was a student there for a year, 1770 – 1771. My former boss at IBM, Enrico Clementi, became a professor at Strasbourg for a while and was nominated for a Nobel Prize in chemistry by my Ph. D. supervisor, Mansel Davies. … blah, blah, blah”

We have already established that you have made an enemy at Warwick (and probably everywhere else), so perhaps you should not count hits from there as ‘wins’.

Bucking the Trend

May 28, 2016

FOR POSTING: The Reason for Sixteen Fellowships

May 28, 2016

The reason for this is clearly described in volume two of my autobiography, in a truthful way. It was due to a corrupt system, an age old problem of the human condition. If you knew someone at Aberystwyth you would be appointed to tenure for life, and did not have to do very much on a nice safe salary.”

The usual pattern in academia is: bachelor degree, masters degree, doctoral degree, post-doctoral fellowship, lecturer, professor. It is during the fellowship that a university decides whether the fellow is staff-material. The fact that Ron had to compete for so many fellowships is not a good thing. It implies that he shone at the interview but, when they got to know him, they decided that they did not want him. And who can blame them? 


Rejected? Where?

May 27, 2016

Study of UFT88 at the World’s Best Universities – Past Six Months

May 27, 2016

It has been studied sixty times in the past six months at the world’s best universities, studied more than once at some of them. This is almost certainly the summit of a mountain of interest, because the great majority of staff and students use private computers. I can only identify institutional URL’s and sometimes departments and research groups. I estimate that these sixty studies are a fraction of the total interest in UFT88. This is because the morning reports records only about 2% of the vast total interest, a 2% selected manually from universities, institutes, corporations, government departments up to head of state seniority and military facilities. So the total number of readings of UFT88 in the past six months is probably much higher. UFT88 is the classic paper that brings the Einstein era in gravitational physics to an end and replaces it by the ECE2 gravitational field equations. The teachings of the obsolete dogmatists are being rejected completely by a new generation of scientists.”

According to Google Scholar, ‘The Bianchi Identity of Differential Geometry’ has never been cited, in spite of existing in 18 versions. So it has never been refuted? Neither has it been praised, or used in any other way. Why not appeal, on your blog, for readers to tell you exactly  who they are and what they do with the download? In fact, why not add a request to each paper which asks the reader to explain his motivation?  The scientometrics are clearly meaningless.

Thanks to Michael Jackson

May 26, 2016

Thanks to Michael Jackson!

May 26, 2016

Agreed with Gareth, the blog back ups are of key importance and have been archived for a number of years at the British Library from the NLW ( The entire blog is also archived on the Wayback Machine ( The Youtube channel directed by Michael Jackson will be a very interesting experiment. I understand that he has plans for a channel on science and on literature. Michael also introduced me to Jeff Rense. ECE is the new avant garde physics and is here to stay.”

Thanks indeed! It will now be difficult/impossible for Ron to hide all of his ludicrous activities and statements. For everything that he believes – in his deluded state – to be great science is in fact pseudoscience … and poor-quality pseudoscience at that. Those who write skeptical books about perpetual motion and antigravity will find his archived work to be a treasure-trove of idiocy. What fun they will have with the fact that the ‘civil-list scientist’ was interviewed by a low-life anti-semite like Rancid Rense. Not to mention that Ron tacitly agreed with the comical lunatic-fringe claims of No-Bubbles. So carry on falsifying the ‘scientometrics’ Ron: the fact is that not even the lunatic-fringe journals (and there are now hundreds of them) mention you or your oeuvres merdiques.

And how is No-Bubbles’ channel going so far?

Hmmm, not good.


No-Brain No-Bubbles

May 26, 2016

Thanks to Michael Jackson!

May 26, 2016

Many thanks, I think that 1st June is optimal to allow time to post on the site. I think that Doug Lindstrom is working on LENR at present, and it should be possible to adapt UFT226 ff. for this problem. I look forward to domestic generators as soon as feasible. I have not heard from Doug Lindstrom for some time, but I think he is working in Florida on a consultancy. I also look forward to domestic generators from devices such as those of Osamu Ide and UFT311.”

You do know that No-Bubbles Jackson is quite insane, don’t you? You heard him on the Rancid-Rense show explaining that Einstein was ‘installed’ in the Bern patent-office by ‘Big Oil’ in order to undermine Tesla’s perpetual-motion schemes didn’t you. You heard him explain that Cartan sent his ideas to Einstein, who then sent them to the Nazis so that they could build anti-gravity craft, didn’t you. You did not deny those claims when you were on the Rancid show, did you? You must be equally insane must you not? You do know that Lord Kelvin decided that the Earth was only 25,000,000 years old on the basis of simple cooling arguments, don’t you. You do know that the deficit of some 4 billion years is due to the fission of a wide variety of unstable isotopes, don’t you. You know, don’t you, of the irony that ‘green’ geothermal sources are driven by ‘nuclear power’ … as are the hot springs in which anti-nuclear Californian tree-huggers love to cavort. And you must know that US government departments were briefed on cold-fusion 2 decades ago. Why not just concede that you are a crackpot, that all of your friends are crackpots, that the scientometrics are concocted … and that nobody in the world of physics knows who you are.

Playing the Pity Card … Again

May 24, 2016

Recovery from Single Event Clinical Depression

May 24, 2016

I just want to say that a complete recovery from single event major severe depression is possible, so I wish to encourage all those who suffer from it. About half the population suffers from depression, about 5% suffer from clinical depression. My best work has been done since 2003, when the illness started to clear up. I am lucky in having the scientometrics, which indicate vast interest in my work in science and literature, and of course that of co workers and in particular, some very good friends, in particular one new friend from Pontardawe Grammar School. Bipolar disorders are more difficult to cure, but medicine is advancing rapidly. One of my best productions, “Modern Nonlinear Optics” was produced right in the middle of the worst stages of the illness,”

Without wishing to trigger a relapse (they would never remove the Civil List Pension from a sick man), may we point out that the scientometrics are clearly worthless (not being substantiated by any other indicators) and that you ruined the reputation of the journal, Advances in Chemical Physics, by allowing crackpots such as Thomas Bearden to publish pseudoscience in the editions which you edited.

Estibation (neolog., vulg.)

May 24, 2016

Accurate Calculation of Readings of Poetry Book

May 24, 2016

I recalculated this total with a manual character per page count. For pages with sonnets there are about 1110 characters per page, for pages with englynion there are 435 characters per page. So this averages to 0.773 kilobytes a page. In March 2016, 89.52 megabytes of the attached book were downloaded from This is the equivalent of 115,812 printed pages, or 1,194 books of 97 printed pages each. This is 14,327 books a year.”

What is the point of this ham-fisted [sic] and dubious counting? Your computer will immediately tell you that this book takes up 359KB (call it one third of a MB). That makes about 3.7KB/page. That book-size, divided into 89.52MB, makes about 250 books for  March. And considering that you are giving them away … that is just not very good.    

Homage to Catatonia

May 23, 2016

Severe Catatonia (1998 – 2003)

May 22, 2016

Now that I have been officially “retired” for a year I don’t mind trying to help others who have suffered the terrible illness of clinical, or major severe, depression. In my case I suffered from an almost complete inability to move very much, (severe catatonia), but the Omnia Opera shows that I managed to continue to work.”

This merely confirms what we have always thought; that B3, ECE, ECE2, etc., are all products of a sick mind. Perhaps it is like one of those horror films, in which the protagonist awakes from a nightmare … and then finds that he is still dreaming. Still, as you are all better now, you think, and insist on putting your head above the parapet, you cannot complain that the scientific world wants to shoot it off.



May 22, 2016

Definition of 50 Rhyddwen Road

May 22, 2016

To Whom it may concern,
The attached deed of 1933 defines the land of 50 Rhyddwen Road. This will go in to the Newlands Family Trust and will never be sold. I intend to put collapsible bollards on my tarmac surface to stop trespassing on the tarmac.”

Also defined parochially as, “the house on the corner, where the loony lives”. But in a spirit of goodwill, let us add a bit of advice. Locks, so to speak, are a two-edged sword. So, choose bollards which are controlled electronically, or have a combination lock, just in case some rare local ill-wisher should hit upon the bright idea of injecting glue into the keyholes. 

To Be Extrapolated

May 22, 2016

Protest to Warwick University

May 22, 2016

Prof. C Sparrow,
Head of Mathematics Institute,
University of Warwick,

Recently I received two e mails from Dr. Hugo van den Berg at Warwick, Mathematics concerning the spelling of Schroedinger and so on. He appears to have picked up a typo from somewhere, introduced by a typesetter, and gleefully attributed it to me. I was ticked off for getting my diacritic in a twist. I do not think he should be wasting the time of scientists while being paid at work, and using the University of Warwick URL. I calculated his h index to be about 13, just enough for a lecturer, and he works in an area completely unrelated to mine. I see from my scientometrics that someone at Warwick has been looking at my site in the past few days, maybe hoping to find some more typo’s. I have blocked him electronically and could you kindly ensure that he does not send my staff or myself any further e mail?”

What an interesting ‘own goal’ by Myron. We hinted yesterday that the download by Warwick University was perhaps not done in any sense of tacit approval. And today he agrees with us. So, as we have always said, what right does he have to assume that hits on, or downloads from, his websites are necessarily positive. We are confident that the Warwick case can be safely extrapolated to all of the ‘scientometrics’. And without those, Ron, what do you have left? 

Fishy Figures

May 21, 2016

Suggestion for an Extended Preface or Short Book by GJE

May 21, 2016

We can post the preface, no problem. I suggest that you extend the preface if you like, and add some history. Anything that any AIAS Fellow publishes is bound to get read thousands of times. I wouldn’t worry at all about the irrationality of people any more than an artist like Cezanne.”

Yes, it will get read ‘thousands of times’ … but only if you are doing the counting. Is it not strange that the download numbers are very high and yet the viewer-numbers for your YouTube lectures (which are supposedly based upon those same downloaded articles) are very low, decreasing in frequency … and accompanied by an excess of thumbs-down.  Is it not irrational to keep up such a dishonest pretence in the face of such clear evidence? 


May 21, 2016

FOR POSTING: Literary Output and Other Work in the Arts and Humanities.

May 21, 2016

This is as follows, in Welsh and English:

1) Autobiography volumes one and two (open source and in book format).
2) Two books of Poetry (open source on, one book in preparation, together with poetry broadcasts open source on
3) Participation in two films: “All about Tesla”, and “The Universe of Myron Evans”.
4) Award winning animation with Chris Pelkie, open source on, from Cornell Theory Center.” blah, blah, blah …

We have sent links, to all of this trumpet-blowing, to the organizers of the Swansea meeting of the BAAS (as was) in order to make sure that the world’s greatest scientist crackpot is invited to attend.  

2 + 2

May 21, 2016

UFT88 Read at the University of Warwick

May 21, 2016

Warwick is ranked 80 in the world by Times, 92 by Shanghai and QS, and 149 in the world be webometrics, and has 23,570 students. UFT88 is frequently reported on in these daily reports and is generally accepted as refuting the Einsteinian general relativity by refuting the second Bianchi identity with torsion.”

Now then, someone who was not so invulnerably arrogant might say to himself, “hmm, I had an ill-tempered exchange with a mathematician at Warwick University yesterday, and today someone there has downloaded one of my typically dodgy bits of mathematics. Could these events somehow be connected?”  You said to Dr Van den Berg, “I would appreciate it if you got on with what you are paid for at work.” We kind of agree, he should not be wasting his time looking at dubious work unless he intends to tear it apart in some journal (hint hint). By the way, we (and perhaps Siemens AG) would appreciate it if SS could get on with his paid work and not constantly ‘goof off’ for your benefit.

Big Word, Small Beer

May 21, 2016

Draft Preface or Prolegomenon by Gareth Evans

May 20, 2016

Many thanks, it is eloquent and well written, any minor typographical slips can be ironed out at later stages in the production, and you can amend or add as you wish. You should write a book of your own on avant garde physics. There is a vast readership waiting for you. No one with an ounce of common sense and human dignity worries about minor typographical errors in words. By the time the book is finished they are all ironed out. We all know that the equations are highly accurate.”

That is the excuse used by all of the illiterate morons who argue about YouTube videos. Typographical slips are as much an indicator of general intellectual sloppiness as a jagged edge on a consumer product is a sign of bad workmanship. ‘Minor slips’ are especially embarrassing when the writer considers himself to be a great literary figure as well as a scientific one. On the other hand, without being overtly scatological, it is well known that there are certain things that one cannot polish … and another of them is ECE. This introduction is hardly a good start. What sort of ‘distinguished scientist’ chooses to do mundane work for local government?  What sort of scientist, of any merit, would openly admit to association with perpetual-motion scams?  What sort of educated person – at all – thinks that heyday is spelled, ‘hay day’? See, there are some errors that a spell-checker cannot detect, just as computer algebra cannot detect fundamentally wrong theoretical models. Best not wait for the contribution from Sam Spade. The ship has already sunk. Oh, the humanity.

Erring Spellers

May 19, 2016

FOR POSTING: PECE Chapters 1 to 6

May 19, 2016

Many thanks again to all contributers. I will ask Dave to post the book to date because there is so much worldwide interest in it. The typeset version looks excellent, and we have certainly made our mark on history at AIAS and UPITEC.”

What a pity that Ron does not read our excellently informative and accurate blog. If he did, he would have known to look for the spelling errors in his latest crackpot potboiler. As it is, this latest version remains uncorrected. In any case, it will go on to be unread. And to cap it all, its insignificance will go unlamented.

PS: there is also a typo in the ‘final’ version of the introduction.

Celebrity Villagers

May 18, 2016

Ron will be pleased to learn that his favorite actress now has a new celebrity neighbor to add to the knighted rugby-player and the arch-bishop. See under ‘notable natives’ at:

If only Craigcefnparc could boast of a resident of equal (or any) note. 


May 18, 2016

Readings of UFT311

May 18, 2016

This is the key paper by Kurt Arenhold and Horst Eckardt that applies ECE theory to the circuit by Osamu Ide, finding precise agreement, a rare thing in science.”

This rubbish has of course been cited by nobody. Ron claims that citation is irrelevant and that only downloads count. So he will presumably now cease to cite any of his previous work (if he ever again gets to publish anywhere that counts). But how do all of those downloaders know that they must never mention these results in public?  By the way, although precise agreement is rare in science, it is universal in pseudoscience. One sure way of getting ones doctoral thesis rejected is to fail to exhibit self-criticism of ones methods and results. Perhaps thesis supervisors were a bit slack at Aberystwyth and Ron never learned that Baconian lesson.

Phenomenal … Lie!

May 18, 2016

Analysis of Laurence Felker: “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”

May 18, 2016

This book is phenomenally successful. Laurence Felker is a lecturer and engineer from Nevada and lectures in California. This book was first posted in about 2005 and first published in softback in 2007 by Abramis Academic.”

Google Scholar tells us that it has now been cited 262 times. Over 99% of those citations are by Ron, and the remainder are by other AIAS ‘Fellows’ apart from a Mr ‘A.Einstein’ who gave his affiliation as Upitec. It is true that Felker  is an engineer, and lectures. He is an engineer here:

and lectures on subjects like this:

He is much appreciated in the hot-air (and cold air) business:

ASHRAE is the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers. But what is this that we espy on page 6?

“Larry Felker has authored several books including “Einstein was Right” a mathematical review (his degree is in Math) and co-author (and his son) the only book on “Dampers and Airflow Control,””

What? Has Felker turned? As we can find no trace of any such book we put forward the modest suggestion that either Felker, or the writer, did not want to bring shame on the world of air-conditioning by giving the real title of the book. After all, it has the word ‘Evans’ (ugh) in it.



May 17, 2016

FOR POSTING: Typeset Chapters 1 – 5 of Principles of ECE

May 17, 2016

Many thanks again! All this voluntray [sic] work by the typesetters in Muenich is greatly appreciated, one is retired and one is a student. Thanks also to Horst Eckardt and Steve Bannister who did some of the typesetting. The typesetting is really excellent and I can find only one error in chapter 4:”

So how come we find that one misspelling alone occurs seven times? Is it the dyslexia (as above) that prevents you from seeing them?


Big Lord ‘Font Le Roi’

May 15, 2016

Documentary Film

May 15, 2016

In view of the fact that a quarter million copies of Autobiography Volume One have been read since 2011, and a lot more for volume two and the Family History files, I am beginning a search for documentary film makers in Wales and elsewhere who might be interested in making a film about volumes one and two, along with Kerry Pendergast’s biography, “The Life of Myron Evans”.”

We recommend, and not for the first time, Llanelli-born Keith Allen as producer, director and narrator for such a project. He is no stranger to dealing with self-obsessed loony Welsh people. He did an excellent job on the Harries family of Cardiff:

They live in a fake Tudor-period house on the edge of a housing estate (project) and all have doctorates in esoteric fields (courtesy of ‘degree-mills’, just like former AIAS member and sometime Ron co-author, ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden). They are regularly abused, and sometimes beaten-up, by the locals. The most interesting member of the family is of course, Lauren, former fake antiques ‘child genius’ boy and now woman, life-guidance psychologist/guru, singer and TV ‘reality-program’ star. Hardly less interesting is Harries-pere, who was jailed after burning down his shop for the insurance-money. His accountant was this gentleman:

Come to think of it, Ron is perhaps too staid to interest Allen.





Programme Query

May 14, 2016

All of those who feel that the world’s greatest scientist has been overlooked by the British Association for the Advancement of Science should make their feelings known here:



May 12, 2016

Proofing the First Four Chapters of PECE

May 12, 2016

The typesetting is really excellent and I can find only five errors:

1) Eq. (4.40), (T) on RHS (my error).
2) RHS of Eq. (4.63), psi missing on the right, outside the brackets.
3) Eq. (4.140), m bold sub D.
4) Eq. (4.185), missing dr in the integral.
5) Following Eq. (4.254), “Hamilton” for “Hamlilton”.”

What about the glaring error on page 1, just for starters? Not to mention that glaring, and repeated, theoretical error: only amateurs think that special relativity does not apply to accelerating frames. There is just one special form of acceleration which cannot be treated using special relativity. Do you know what it is?  … No, we thought not. Go buy a textbook. 

Neglected Pseudoscientists

May 10, 2016

The Troll “Aaron Vee”

May 10, 2016

Yes, the same person, suspected of being the owner of a vicious troll blog that has been reported to the hate crime unit of the police at Neath. He was also the instigator of a hate petition which he signed “Aaron Vee”, and which attacked my Civil List Pension, awarded directly by Queen Elizabeth II, the British Head of State from the Parliamentary Civil List. The hate petition was removed from view by its publishers and was signed by only two scientists: Peter Atkins and Waldyr Rodrigues.”

This inaccurate rant from Ron, and the loony letter which provoked it, reminds us that we really should spend more time on outing high-profile nutters such as Laithwaite:

After all, the ‘man in the street’ has never heard of Ron. The YouTube video which is mentioned is very reassuring: it shows that others are catching up with the concept of using pseudoscience to instruct students in ‘what not to do’. But they will have to go a long way to catch up with our author friend, who has been working on that idea for decades. Ron will be honored to know that our friend has now promoted him to being part of the cover blurb. Everything negative said about Laithwaite under that video is entirely accurate. We would have added that Laithwaite set up a company to promote his unworkable gyroscope ideas; an act which is – to our minds – clearly fraudulent. At about this time he was also receiving NASA funding for development of an idea which he had stolen from Tsiolkovski. We hate to say it, but many British ‘scientists’ benefit from the fact that it is ‘the winners [of wars] who write the history books’: Arthur C.Clarke stole the geostationary communication-satellite idea from Potecnik [German Sudetenland], Watson-Watt stole Radar from Hulsmeyer [German], Whittle should have shared fame with Ohain [German] (neither of whom invented the gas turbine; it being an 18th-century invention). Gee, we really should join forces with Mr Vee. Unfortunately, we cannot locate any blog which matches Ron’s description.  We note a certain degree of convergence here. For instance, some of the pro-Laithwaite YouTube videos have been posted by ‘TheRealVerbz’. This is Jason Verbelli: a henchman of Ron’s criminal pal, John Searl.  The loonies really do like to stick together.

More ‘Spanish Practices”

May 10, 2016

Kurata / B(3) Technology

May 10, 2016

OhDear Dr Febrero,

Thank you for your interesting e mail. Dr Kurata was an AIAS Fellow and was interested in my concept of the B(3) field ( and inferred at Cornell Theory Center in November 1991 and greatly developed since then in the Omnia Opera and UFT sections of these sites. UFT183 and UFT184 are dedicated to what I refer to as “Kurata / B(3) Technology” because of Taishi Kurata’s interest in B(3). We also worked with Sophie Jones of GEF in Britain.”

Before investing in this technology, backers should take a look at this:

Kurata comments

Just look at some of those comments on the requests for hand-outs made by Kurata:

“This aid has been requested to modify reactors at the Melo plant, because they have said previously that they worked. They said that the plant was already in operation, which is false.”

“Denied by virtue of non-technical feasibility of the project”

“Denied by non-technical and economic feasibility”

“This is a ghost project with no available land”

So it looks as though Kurata is ‘right up there’ with Hill of Beans’ ET3M scam.

Arty note: is ‘Dr February” related to G.K.Chesteron’s ‘The Man Who was Thursday’ (an hilarious account of an ultra-incompetent conspiracy).

Oh, and Sophie Jones of GEF? The company (assets £1) was struck off the register by Companies House in January 2013 (offence not recorded).




Myron Evans is a Liar

May 9, 2016

Complaint against Ioan Richard

May 9, 2016


In contrast we at AIAS / UPITEC have devised circuits to take energy from spacetime (UFT311 Ultimately these circuits might replace wind turbines. So it is time for him to resign, for the sake of his own health if nothing else. I have no history whatsoever of verbal abuse on my blog, all is reasoned criticism and lawful comment. I must press for a meaningful investigation. The balance of probability is that he acted as he did. The Ombudsman goes on balance of probability.

… when he says that his crackpot outfits have ‘devised circuits to take energy  from spacetime’. Such circuits have been around for decades, and they do no such thing. They merely serve as the basis of ‘free energy’ scams, and their apparent ability to offer a higher output than input is entirely due to incompetent metering (either by accident or design):

There is also no  reputable theoretical basis for any such process, and any ‘academic’ who claims to have demonstrated such a basis has either lost his mind … or his moral compass. It is quite despicable that someone receiving the accolade of a Civil List pension should support such scams, and an enquiry into this should be launched immediately. If, as Evans insists, he is an employee of the Queen, then he is implicating HM in fraud.  And should he choose to term this statement-of-fact ‘defamation’, all that he has to do is have just one of these circuits tested – and proved valid – by the National Physical Laboratory or the National Bureau of Standards to thus show that our opinion is unwarranted.


Sounds Familiar

May 5, 2016

Police Have Initiated a Forensic Investigation

May 5, 2016

Under Malicious Communications Incident 1600 160 494 the police have initiated a detailed forensic investigation of the attached hate mail letter and have taken away a detailed summary of incidents, including threats of violence and grievous bodily harm which violate the Public Order Act of 1986, Sections 4 and 5. The letter is an offence under the Prevention of Harassment Act 1997 and is the second incident of ethnically aggravated harassment within two years. These are all serious offences. If the evidence leads to identification I have asked for an arrest and restraining order on the basis of all the accumulated evidence over two years. I am also seeking an anti trespass injunction. The police asked me to report any further incidents immediately. Forensic testing includes fingerprint analysis, trace DNA analysis of saliva and skin, handwriting analysis, paper analysis and so on.”

This serious incident reminds us of another serious incident which befell Ron’s hero, that other fake professor, John Searl (see the handy link on the site). The full horror is recounted here:

the relevant section being this:

“To my understanding, Omar Fowle* who had since 1968 blocked you from investing in this technology was not present to be question upon his insanity, we do have his photograph – nor was that freelance reporter who so insane pasted an anti statement upon the news board at Leeds University and left his fingerprint behind so we know who he is as we have his photo, which he clearly forgotten that we have him on film at the Scottish event a few years ago.”

It is quite hilarious to see the high esteem in which loonies hold their sacred persons. It would be interesting to know just how much public money is squandered on responding to their complaints. Perhaps there should be an official inquiry into that.

* Omar Fowler, well-known (haha) ufologist.


Mixed Reviews

May 5, 2016

“Modern Nonlinear Optics” Still Selling Well after a Quarter Century

May 5, 2016

This three volume special topical issue is still selling well after 24 years. It wad first published in 1992 as a hardback in three volumes, reprinted in 1993, reprinted in softback in 1997 and a second edition produced in 2001 in three volumes. It is also available as an e book. It was one of the books that introduced the B(3) field from Cornell Theory Center, where B(3) was inferred in Nov. 1991. The contract for the book was received while I as working at the Universit of Zuerich and ETH Zuerich. The book was awarded a prize”

It is interesting to compare the Amazon reviews of one of these editions,

Note that 80% of readers agree with the 1-star review (it is not possible to award zero stars) and 0% of readers agree with the  5-star review. Other interesting points are that a) the Penderghastly [sic] review lists contents which bear no resemblance to the contents listed by Amazon and b) Amazon has no copies in stock while 34 copies are available from other sources (and have been for years), so how is it ‘still selling well’, according to Ron?

Arguing from Ignorance

May 4, 2016

345(8): General ECE2 Theory of Geodetic Precession

May 4, 2016

This theory uses a static earth in a rotating frame defined by the passive rotation of axes equivalent to the active rotation of Gravity Probe B in a polar orbit once every ninety minutes with respect to a static frame. This simple theory produces good agreement between theory and experiment, described in Eqs. (9) and (10). So the theory is on the right track. If it is assumed that the rotating frame is defined more generally by Eq. (11), then the magnitude (13) can be worked out with computer algebra and graphed. Exact agreement with experiment can be obtained by choice of components in Eq. (11). The standard model due to de Sitter uses the incorrect Einstein field equation, which is defined in a space without torsion. This means that the space also has no curvature, and there is no geometry and no physics, reductio ad absurdum. It is not clear how Gravity Probe B obtained the experimental result, and how it was filtered out from the Lense Thirring precession. It must have ben some kind of averaging.”

It is clear that Ron does not know the ‘first thing’ (pace Wikipedia) about the Gravity Probe B experiment … or indeed about general relativity. We have already shown that he fiddles his results. That is obvious anyway because he thinks that physicists blindly ‘plug’ their data into the Einstein-Schwarzschild  equation, and he apes that supposed behavior with regard to his own theory. He forgets that the looked-for effects are just very small corrections to Newtonian gravitation and mechanics. The GPB physicists first had to calculate, and eliminate, a host of other effects; most of which Ron will never have heard of … so how can he eliminate them from his own theory-matching? Ron somehow magically gets the correct result (or close to what he thinks is the correct result) without knowing any of the geophysical and astronomical data which the GPB scientists found to be essential. How does he manage that? Real scientists also have to question (in true Baconian fashion) whether other theories might better explain the results and, Ron, the relevance of torsion and the Einstein-Cartan theory was in fact considered. But, as usual, torsion was judged to be irrelevant.  The overall conclusion is that you are not fit to lick the boots of the tea-boys at the various GRB monitoring sites.

Back to School, SS

May 3, 2016

PS to Horst

May 3, 2016

It will be very interesting to apply your averaging method to the geodetic effect, I will set up the equations tomorrow.”

Yes, this will be very interesting, given our previous revelation. Do you even know what the geodetic effect is, SS? Don’t forget that you have to allow for irregularities in the Earth’s shape, as well as incorporate the oblateness of the satellite’s orbit and factor out the interfering geodetic effect arising from the Earth’s motion around the Sun. Think you can manage all of that? By the way, how do you manage to fit in all of this work for Ron and yet still earn your salary from Siemens?  Perhaps you don’t!

Ron Badly Caught Out!

May 3, 2016

345(7): Exact Lense Thirring Precession from ECE2

May 3, 2016

This note shows that the experimental result of 40.9 milliarcseconds per year claimed by Stanford / NASA is given exactly by ECE2 theory at two latitudes of the polar orbit of Gravity Probe B defined by Eq. (30). The result of Note 345(5) is obtained when the polar orbit crosses the equator. It is by no means clear how Stanford / NASA differentiated experimentally between the Lense Thirring effect and the geodetic effect. Also it is not clear how they came up with one value for the Lense Thirring effect when the effect depends on the latitude being crossed by the polar orbit of Gravity Probe B.”

We usually try to steer clear of addressing Ron’s defective theorizing because we feel that our readers would not understand the refutations any better than they understand his nonsense mathematics. But here is something which anybody can understand: fiddling of figures. He muses, “it is not clear how they came up with one value for the Lense Thirring effect when the effect depends on the latitude being crossed by the polar orbit of Gravity Probe B“. Well, there is a simple answer to that: the figure of 40.9 (should be 39.2)marc-s/y which he keeps quoting is not the Lense-Thirring figure at all. It is, in fact, the ‘Schiff Drift’ figure. The Lense-Thirring figure is 156marc-s/y (4 times larger). You see, folks, what Ron did was to look at the Wikipedia article on the Gravity Probe B experiment, note the figure given there for the ‘frame-dragging’ effect, and blindly assume that this was equal to the Lense-Thirring figure itself. However, the frame-dragging effect reverses every time that the equator is crossed, and that is why the net (Schiff) figure is smaller. Now, this is embarrassing, to say the least! It means that Ron took the wrong figure from Wikipedia and then employed his usual trick of twisting his theory to get the result that he wants. That is, how did he know how to get the smaller figure when he admits that he does not know ‘how they came up with a single value’? So, far from being in the avant garde of physics, he is revealed to be a dishonest poseur who does not know the ‘first thing’ about the theories that he constantly denigrates. Our author-friend has already added this embarrassing episode to all of the others.

Get a Room!

May 1, 2016

Summing Up by AIAS Co President Dr. Gareth Evans

May 1, 2016

Gareth is generous as usual, and it is a great pleasure for the entire AIAS / UPITEC to see this interest. I agree that no one could have predicted this phenomenon in 1996, around the time I was nominated for a Nobel Prize or so I am told. I agree that the interest of the colleagues is far better than any prize.”

But we hope that this is just the affection of a lap-dog for his master. Passing over the total absence of meaningful citations of this ‘breakthrough’, we wonder how Evans-the-Sewage explains the low (and decreasing) interest in the videos posted on YouTube; not to mention the universal preponderances of down-thumbs. Surely the two of them could conspire  and get at least two up-thumbs on each video. It is quite worrying to reflect that Sewage occupied some sort of technical advisory position (aka sinecure) in local government: can a lapdog be a watchdog?


Reserve Dilemma

May 1, 2016

What reserve price will Ron put on his goods in the forthcoming auction at Mullock’s? If he fails to set a reserve, he may well see it all going for £50 (our estimate). If he sets a reserve based upon his estimate, that could get very expensive, in view of the following (from Mullock’s Terms and Conditions for Vendors):

d) Lots may be offered subject to a reserve as agreed between the Auctioneers and Vendor and once agreed may only be changed with the consent of the Auctioneers.

g) Items withdrawn from the sale after the items have been catalogued are subject to a withdrawal fee of 10% of the reserve price or lower guide price (minimum £5.00) to cover handling and cataloguing costs.

i) A non sold fee of up to 5% may be charged at the Auctioneers discretion.

Could he get out of this by borrowing a lot of money and bidding (or having a friend bid) for his own items? No, that is ruled out by condition (f). And, even if Mullock’s bid on his behalf, he would still have to pay their commission!




Craigcefnparc News #10

May 1, 2016

Evans posted the following on his blog on 26-4-16:-
Complaint against Ioan Richard Reopened
April 26, 2016
This case has been reopened by the Ombudsman.

This is an out and out untruth. Evans has made many complaints against his local Councillor. They have all been dismissed by the Ombudsman (and other Authorities). However Evans uses this procedure to post comments on his Blog which people / victims have no device for answering to the effect of “Complaint made against Councillor” and “Councillor being investigated” which Evans posts publicly on the web. The latest complaint was yet again rejected by the Ombudsman. So Evans then asks for a review of that decision. The Ombudsman is then obliged to refer his complaint to a bulging full in-tray for review. That does not mean the complaint case has been re-opened. The complaint is just lying dormant in an in-tray for possible future review. This is a big difference and an evil twist of words by Evans.Just bear that in mind. He is utterly deluded and thinks he can cast evil slurs on any innocent person with whom he disagrees. This has been confirmed by the Ombudsman today 28-4-16. No case has been re-opened!