Get a Room!

Summing Up by AIAS Co President Dr. Gareth Evans

May 1, 2016

Gareth is generous as usual, and it is a great pleasure for the entire AIAS / UPITEC to see this interest. I agree that no one could have predicted this phenomenon in 1996, around the time I was nominated for a Nobel Prize or so I am told. I agree that the interest of the colleagues is far better than any prize.”

But we hope that this is just the affection of a lap-dog for his master. Passing over the total absence of meaningful citations of this ‘breakthrough’, we wonder how Evans-the-Sewage explains the low (and decreasing) interest in the videos posted on YouTube; not to mention the universal preponderances of down-thumbs. Surely the two of them could conspire  and get at least two up-thumbs on each video. It is quite worrying to reflect that Sewage occupied some sort of technical advisory position (aka sinecure) in local government: can a lapdog be a watchdog?



2 Responses to “Get a Room!”

  1. Truth Seeker Says:

    A few friends from Craigcefnparc called by for a glass of beer today 1-5-16. They all know Moron. We took up his word and searched GOOGLE for ECE2 citations. There was not a mention on the GOOGLE front page as Moron claims. Are there two Googles for us to goggle at and have a giggle. What do you think Crackpotwatch? is it disrespectful to to Google and Goggle and Giggle?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We suspect that he does not know how to disable Google’s preemptive search option. If set, Google helpfully gives priority to all of the sites that one has previously visited.

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