Mixed Reviews

“Modern Nonlinear Optics” Still Selling Well after a Quarter Century

May 5, 2016

This three volume special topical issue is still selling well after 24 years. It wad first published in 1992 as a hardback in three volumes, reprinted in 1993, reprinted in softback in 1997 and a second edition produced in 2001 in three volumes. It is also available as an e book. It was one of the books that introduced the B(3) field from Cornell Theory Center, where B(3) was inferred in Nov. 1991. The contract for the book was received while I as working at the Universit of Zuerich and ETH Zuerich. The book was awarded a prize”

It is interesting to compare the Amazon reviews of one of these editions,



Note that 80% of readers agree with the 1-star review (it is not possible to award zero stars) and 0% of readers agree with the  5-star review. Other interesting points are that a) the Penderghastly [sic] review lists contents which bear no resemblance to the contents listed by Amazon and b) Amazon has no copies in stock while 34 copies are available from other sources (and have been for years), so how is it ‘still selling well’, according to Ron?


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