Sounds Familiar

Police Have Initiated a Forensic Investigation

May 5, 2016

Under Malicious Communications Incident 1600 160 494 the police have initiated a detailed forensic investigation of the attached hate mail letter and have taken away a detailed summary of incidents, including threats of violence and grievous bodily harm which violate the Public Order Act of 1986, Sections 4 and 5. The letter is an offence under the Prevention of Harassment Act 1997 and is the second incident of ethnically aggravated harassment within two years. These are all serious offences. If the evidence leads to identification I have asked for an arrest and restraining order on the basis of all the accumulated evidence over two years. I am also seeking an anti trespass injunction. The police asked me to report any further incidents immediately. Forensic testing includes fingerprint analysis, trace DNA analysis of saliva and skin, handwriting analysis, paper analysis and so on.”

This serious incident reminds us of another serious incident which befell Ron’s hero, that other fake professor, John Searl (see the handy link on the site). The full horror is recounted here:

the relevant section being this:

“To my understanding, Omar Fowle* who had since 1968 blocked you from investing in this technology was not present to be question upon his insanity, we do have his photograph – nor was that freelance reporter who so insane pasted an anti statement upon the news board at Leeds University and left his fingerprint behind so we know who he is as we have his photo, which he clearly forgotten that we have him on film at the Scottish event a few years ago.”

It is quite hilarious to see the high esteem in which loonies hold their sacred persons. It would be interesting to know just how much public money is squandered on responding to their complaints. Perhaps there should be an official inquiry into that.

* Omar Fowler, well-known (haha) ufologist.



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