Myron Evans is a Liar

Complaint against Ioan Richard

May 9, 2016


In contrast we at AIAS / UPITEC have devised circuits to take energy from spacetime (UFT311 Ultimately these circuits might replace wind turbines. So it is time for him to resign, for the sake of his own health if nothing else. I have no history whatsoever of verbal abuse on my blog, all is reasoned criticism and lawful comment. I must press for a meaningful investigation. The balance of probability is that he acted as he did. The Ombudsman goes on balance of probability.

… when he says that his crackpot outfits have ‘devised circuits to take energy  from spacetime’. Such circuits have been around for decades, and they do no such thing. They merely serve as the basis of ‘free energy’ scams, and their apparent ability to offer a higher output than input is entirely due to incompetent metering (either by accident or design):

There is also no  reputable theoretical basis for any such process, and any ‘academic’ who claims to have demonstrated such a basis has either lost his mind … or his moral compass. It is quite despicable that someone receiving the accolade of a Civil List pension should support such scams, and an enquiry into this should be launched immediately. If, as Evans insists, he is an employee of the Queen, then he is implicating HM in fraud.  And should he choose to term this statement-of-fact ‘defamation’, all that he has to do is have just one of these circuits tested – and proved valid – by the National Physical Laboratory or the National Bureau of Standards to thus show that our opinion is unwarranted.



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