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Kurata / B(3) Technology

May 10, 2016

OhDear Dr Febrero,

Thank you for your interesting e mail. Dr Kurata was an AIAS Fellow and was interested in my concept of the B(3) field ( and inferred at Cornell Theory Center in November 1991 and greatly developed since then in the Omnia Opera and UFT sections of these sites. UFT183 and UFT184 are dedicated to what I refer to as “Kurata / B(3) Technology” because of Taishi Kurata’s interest in B(3). We also worked with Sophie Jones of GEF in Britain.”

Before investing in this technology, backers should take a look at this:

Kurata comments

Just look at some of those comments on the requests for hand-outs made by Kurata:

“This aid has been requested to modify reactors at the Melo plant, because they have said previously that they worked. They said that the plant was already in operation, which is false.”

“Denied by virtue of non-technical feasibility of the project”

“Denied by non-technical and economic feasibility”

“This is a ghost project with no available land”

So it looks as though Kurata is ‘right up there’ with Hill of Beans’ ET3M scam.

Arty note: is ‘Dr February” related to G.K.Chesteron’s ‘The Man Who was Thursday’ (an hilarious account of an ultra-incompetent conspiracy).

Oh, and Sophie Jones of GEF? The company (assets £1) was struck off the register by Companies House in January 2013 (offence not recorded).





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