Neglected Pseudoscientists

The Troll “Aaron Vee”

May 10, 2016

Yes, the same person, suspected of being the owner of a vicious troll blog that has been reported to the hate crime unit of the police at Neath. He was also the instigator of a hate petition which he signed “Aaron Vee”, and which attacked my Civil List Pension, awarded directly by Queen Elizabeth II, the British Head of State from the Parliamentary Civil List. The hate petition was removed from view by its publishers and was signed by only two scientists: Peter Atkins and Waldyr Rodrigues.”

This inaccurate rant from Ron, and the loony letter which provoked it, reminds us that we really should spend more time on outing high-profile nutters such as Laithwaite:

After all, the ‘man in the street’ has never heard of Ron. The YouTube video which is mentioned is very reassuring: it shows that others are catching up with the concept of using pseudoscience to instruct students in ‘what not to do’. But they will have to go a long way to catch up with our author friend, who has been working on that idea for decades. Ron will be honored to know that our friend has now promoted him to being part of the cover blurb. Everything negative said about Laithwaite under that video is entirely accurate. We would have added that Laithwaite set up a company to promote his unworkable gyroscope ideas; an act which is – to our minds – clearly fraudulent. At about this time he was also receiving NASA funding for development of an idea which he had stolen from Tsiolkovski. We hate to say it, but many British ‘scientists’ benefit from the fact that it is ‘the winners [of wars] who write the history books’: Arthur C.Clarke stole the geostationary communication-satellite idea from Potecnik [German Sudetenland], Watson-Watt stole Radar from Hulsmeyer [German], Whittle should have shared fame with Ohain [German] (neither of whom invented the gas turbine; it being an 18th-century invention). Gee, we really should join forces with Mr Vee. Unfortunately, we cannot locate any blog which matches Ron’s description.  We note a certain degree of convergence here. For instance, some of the pro-Laithwaite YouTube videos have been posted by ‘TheRealVerbz’. This is Jason Verbelli: a henchman of Ron’s criminal pal, John Searl.  The loonies really do like to stick together.


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