Proofing the First Four Chapters of PECE

May 12, 2016

The typesetting is really excellent and I can find only five errors:

1) Eq. (4.40), (T) on RHS (my error).
2) RHS of Eq. (4.63), psi missing on the right, outside the brackets.
3) Eq. (4.140), m bold sub D.
4) Eq. (4.185), missing dr in the integral.
5) Following Eq. (4.254), “Hamilton” for “Hamlilton”.”

What about the glaring error on page 1, just for starters? Not to mention that glaring, and repeated, theoretical error: only amateurs think that special relativity does not apply to accelerating frames. There is just one special form of acceleration which cannot be treated using special relativity. Do you know what it is?  … No, we thought not. Go buy a textbook. 


2 Responses to “Spell-Check”

  1. Cadw Gan Says:

    A British Science Festival will be held over two days on 10th and 11th September 2016. This may involve parts of the Festival being out and about all over the UK including Swansea City. This is the home city of the world’s most famous Scientist ever – well that’s his opinion of himself. Let’s hope he gets an invite to deliver and read a few of his many papers and deliver a few learned lectures. Can we find the organizers contact details to suggest they should invite the world’s most eminent Scientist ever to the Science Festival in his home city. Can we find the address / contact details of the organizer so we can write to suggest that they do not overlook Swansea’s greatest scientist ever – oops – the world’s most eminent scientist ever. Crackpotwatch please print the organizer details for us all to write in. Thank you.

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