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All of those who feel that the world’s greatest scientist has been overlooked by the British Association for the Advancement of Science should make their feelings known here:



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  1. Interested Observer Says:

    Number of Books Read “Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry”

    “For March 2016, 8.952 ten power seven bytes were downloaded from The book is in small format, with many spaces, so I estimate that one page is one kilobyte. It is about 100 pages long, so about nine hundred volumes were downloaded in March 2016, this means over ten thousand volumes a year.”

    Ron’s maths is all over the place. 8.952 ten power seven bytes is 89.52 megabytes. Yet according to the figures he then uses (1 KB x 100 x 900), only ~9 megabytes were downloaded in March.

    Be that as it may, his figures are wildly, dishonestly inaccurate. The PDF of the collected poetry is 1.65 MB. It contains 101 pages. It does not take very much mathematical skill to calculate that one page is therefore ~16,337 KB. More than sixteen thousand times larger than Ron claims.

    Having started with such a massively inaccurate estimate of page size, it goes without saying that the rest of his figures are just fantasy. If we take his original figure at face value (89.52 MB), the poetry was downloaded 54 times at best. If, as seems more likely, he meant 8.952 MB, the poetry was downloaded on a pathetic 5 occasions. Which would mean 60 times per year, tops, not the TEN THOUSAND he is claiming.

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