Big Lord ‘Font Le Roi’

Documentary Film

May 15, 2016

In view of the fact that a quarter million copies of Autobiography Volume One have been read since 2011, and a lot more for volume two and the Family History files, I am beginning a search for documentary film makers in Wales and elsewhere who might be interested in making a film about volumes one and two, along with Kerry Pendergast’s biography, “The Life of Myron Evans”.”

We recommend, and not for the first time, Llanelli-born Keith Allen as producer, director and narrator for such a project. He is no stranger to dealing with self-obsessed loony Welsh people. He did an excellent job on the Harries family of Cardiff:

They live in a fake Tudor-period house on the edge of a housing estate (project) and all have doctorates in esoteric fields (courtesy of ‘degree-mills’, just like former AIAS member and sometime Ron co-author, ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden). They are regularly abused, and sometimes beaten-up, by the locals. The most interesting member of the family is of course, Lauren, former fake antiques ‘child genius’ boy and now woman, life-guidance psychologist/guru, singer and TV ‘reality-program’ star. Hardly less interesting is Harries-pere, who was jailed after burning down his shop for the insurance-money. His accountant was this gentleman:

Come to think of it, Ron is perhaps too staid to interest Allen.






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