Readings of UFT311

May 18, 2016

This is the key paper by Kurt Arenhold and Horst Eckardt that applies ECE theory to the circuit by Osamu Ide, finding precise agreement, a rare thing in science.”

This rubbish has of course been cited by nobody. Ron claims that citation is irrelevant and that only downloads count. So he will presumably now cease to cite any of his previous work (if he ever again gets to publish anywhere that counts). But how do all of those downloaders know that they must never mention these results in public?  By the way, although precise agreement is rare in science, it is universal in pseudoscience. One sure way of getting ones doctoral thesis rejected is to fail to exhibit self-criticism of ones methods and results. Perhaps thesis supervisors were a bit slack at Aberystwyth and Ron never learned that Baconian lesson.


One Response to “Ideotic”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    “The calibration is one character is one byte. By use of a computer generated word count for a single spaced A4 twelve point essay, and the average number of characters in a word in English, 4.79, I worked out some months ago that one page of this type contains 3,646 characters, i.e. 3.646 kilobytes. For example the attached essay has 724 words, which is 3,468 characters in just over a page. Other essays have more words or less words per page, but this calibration factor is accurate enough.”

    ‘Accurate enough’? The file Ron links to, Essay 106, is a Word document of 12.5 KB, more than three times more data than he claims! Is he really blind to such an obvious refutation of his claim? His much-vaunted ‘calibration’ would only apply to a plain-text document. Any file in .doc or .pdf format will contain large amounts of formatting and other metadata in addition to the text.

    “This is the key paper by Kurt Arenhold and Horst Eckardt that applies ECE theory to the circuit by Osamu Ide, finding precise agreement, a rare thing in science. It is currently being read about fifty thousand times a year off combined sites, and It verifies ECE and ECE2 precisely, and also verifies the circuitry. In March 2016, 0.62810 megabytes of it were downloaded off It is single spaced, typeset, twelve point A4 with diagrams. So I estimate roughly three kilobytes a printed page.”

    It is a PDF document of 10 pages, 497 KB in size. So 49.7 KB/page, sixteen times more than he estimates. And since the file is a shade under 0.5 MB in size, it follows that only *a single complete copy* was downloaded in March. He claims it’s being read 50,000 times a year. A sound extrapolation of his data would suggest that a dozen would be more accurate.

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