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UFT88 Read at the University of Warwick

May 21, 2016

Warwick is ranked 80 in the world by Times, 92 by Shanghai and QS, and 149 in the world be webometrics, and has 23,570 students. UFT88 is frequently reported on in these daily reports and is generally accepted as refuting the Einsteinian general relativity by refuting the second Bianchi identity with torsion.”

Now then, someone who was not so invulnerably arrogant might say to himself, “hmm, I had an ill-tempered exchange with a mathematician at Warwick University yesterday, and today someone there has downloaded one of my typically dodgy bits of mathematics. Could these events somehow be connected?”  You said to Dr Van den Berg, “I would appreciate it if you got on with what you are paid for at work.” We kind of agree, he should not be wasting his time looking at dubious work unless he intends to tear it apart in some journal (hint hint). By the way, we (and perhaps Siemens AG) would appreciate it if SS could get on with his paid work and not constantly ‘goof off’ for your benefit.


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