Big Word, Small Beer

Draft Preface or Prolegomenon by Gareth Evans

May 20, 2016

Many thanks, it is eloquent and well written, any minor typographical slips can be ironed out at later stages in the production, and you can amend or add as you wish. You should write a book of your own on avant garde physics. There is a vast readership waiting for you. No one with an ounce of common sense and human dignity worries about minor typographical errors in words. By the time the book is finished they are all ironed out. We all know that the equations are highly accurate.”

That is the excuse used by all of the illiterate morons who argue about YouTube videos. Typographical slips are as much an indicator of general intellectual sloppiness as a jagged edge on a consumer product is a sign of bad workmanship. ‘Minor slips’ are especially embarrassing when the writer considers himself to be a great literary figure as well as a scientific one. On the other hand, without being overtly scatological, it is well known that there are certain things that one cannot polish … and another of them is ECE. This introduction is hardly a good start. What sort of ‘distinguished scientist’ chooses to do mundane work for local government?  What sort of scientist, of any merit, would openly admit to association with perpetual-motion scams?  What sort of educated person – at all – thinks that heyday is spelled, ‘hay day’? See, there are some errors that a spell-checker cannot detect, just as computer algebra cannot detect fundamentally wrong theoretical models. Best not wait for the contribution from Sam Spade. The ship has already sunk. Oh, the humanity.


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