Fishy Figures

Suggestion for an Extended Preface or Short Book by GJE

May 21, 2016

We can post the preface, no problem. I suggest that you extend the preface if you like, and add some history. Anything that any AIAS Fellow publishes is bound to get read thousands of times. I wouldn’t worry at all about the irrationality of people any more than an artist like Cezanne.”

Yes, it will get read ‘thousands of times’ … but only if you are doing the counting. Is it not strange that the download numbers are very high and yet the viewer-numbers for your YouTube lectures (which are supposedly based upon those same downloaded articles) are very low, decreasing in frequency … and accompanied by an excess of thumbs-down.  Is it not irrational to keep up such a dishonest pretence in the face of such clear evidence? 


One Response to “Fishy Figures”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    “2) Autobiography volume one, 5,110 books a year (2.8067 megabytes in March, one printed page = 2.257 kilobytes, 1,492,260 printed pages a year, one book = 312 pages).”

    One copy of Autobiography, volume one: 3.27 MB. You do the math.

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