To Be Extrapolated

Protest to Warwick University

May 22, 2016

Prof. C Sparrow,
Head of Mathematics Institute,
University of Warwick,

Recently I received two e mails from Dr. Hugo van den Berg at Warwick, Mathematics concerning the spelling of Schroedinger and so on. He appears to have picked up a typo from somewhere, introduced by a typesetter, and gleefully attributed it to me. I was ticked off for getting my diacritic in a twist. I do not think he should be wasting the time of scientists while being paid at work, and using the University of Warwick URL. I calculated his h index to be about 13, just enough for a lecturer, and he works in an area completely unrelated to mine. I see from my scientometrics that someone at Warwick has been looking at my site in the past few days, maybe hoping to find some more typo’s. I have blocked him electronically and could you kindly ensure that he does not send my staff or myself any further e mail?”

What an interesting ‘own goal’ by Myron. We hinted yesterday that the download by Warwick University was perhaps not done in any sense of tacit approval. And today he agrees with us. So, as we have always said, what right does he have to assume that hits on, or downloads from, his websites are necessarily positive. We are confident that the Warwick case can be safely extrapolated to all of the ‘scientometrics’. And without those, Ron, what do you have left? 


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