Homage to Catatonia

Severe Catatonia (1998 – 2003)

May 22, 2016

Now that I have been officially “retired” for a year I don’t mind trying to help others who have suffered the terrible illness of clinical, or major severe, depression. In my case I suffered from an almost complete inability to move very much, (severe catatonia), but the Omnia Opera shows that I managed to continue to work.”

This merely confirms what we have always thought; that B3, ECE, ECE2, etc., are all products of a sick mind. Perhaps it is like one of those horror films, in which the protagonist awakes from a nightmare … and then finds that he is still dreaming. Still, as you are all better now, you think, and insist on putting your head above the parapet, you cannot complain that the scientific world wants to shoot it off.


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