Estibation (neolog., vulg.)

Accurate Calculation of Readings of Poetry Book

May 24, 2016

I recalculated this total with a manual character per page count. For pages with sonnets there are about 1110 characters per page, for pages with englynion there are 435 characters per page. So this averages to 0.773 kilobytes a page. In March 2016, 89.52 megabytes of the attached book were downloaded from This is the equivalent of 115,812 printed pages, or 1,194 books of 97 printed pages each. This is 14,327 books a year.”

What is the point of this ham-fisted [sic] and dubious counting? Your computer will immediately tell you that this book takes up 359KB (call it one third of a MB). That makes about 3.7KB/page. That book-size, divided into 89.52MB, makes about 250 books for  March. And considering that you are giving them away … that is just not very good.    


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