Playing the Pity Card … Again

Recovery from Single Event Clinical Depression

May 24, 2016

I just want to say that a complete recovery from single event major severe depression is possible, so I wish to encourage all those who suffer from it. About half the population suffers from depression, about 5% suffer from clinical depression. My best work has been done since 2003, when the illness started to clear up. I am lucky in having the scientometrics, which indicate vast interest in my work in science and literature, and of course that of co workers and in particular, some very good friends, in particular one new friend from Pontardawe Grammar School. Bipolar disorders are more difficult to cure, but medicine is advancing rapidly. One of my best productions, “Modern Nonlinear Optics” was produced right in the middle of the worst stages of the illness,”

Without wishing to trigger a relapse (they would never remove the Civil List Pension from a sick man), may we point out that the scientometrics are clearly worthless (not being substantiated by any other indicators) and that you ruined the reputation of the journal, Advances in Chemical Physics, by allowing crackpots such as Thomas Bearden to publish pseudoscience in the editions which you edited.


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