No-Brain No-Bubbles

Thanks to Michael Jackson!

May 26, 2016

Many thanks, I think that 1st June is optimal to allow time to post on the site. I think that Doug Lindstrom is working on LENR at present, and it should be possible to adapt UFT226 ff. for this problem. I look forward to domestic generators as soon as feasible. I have not heard from Doug Lindstrom for some time, but I think he is working in Florida on a consultancy. I also look forward to domestic generators from devices such as those of Osamu Ide and UFT311.”

You do know that No-Bubbles Jackson is quite insane, don’t you? You heard him on the Rancid-Rense show explaining that Einstein was ‘installed’ in the Bern patent-office by ‘Big Oil’ in order to undermine Tesla’s perpetual-motion schemes didn’t you. You heard him explain that Cartan sent his ideas to Einstein, who then sent them to the Nazis so that they could build anti-gravity craft, didn’t you. You did not deny those claims when you were on the Rancid show, did you? You must be equally insane must you not? You do know that Lord Kelvin decided that the Earth was only 25,000,000 years old on the basis of simple cooling arguments, don’t you. You do know that the deficit of some 4 billion years is due to the fission of a wide variety of unstable isotopes, don’t you. You know, don’t you, of the irony that ‘green’ geothermal sources are driven by ‘nuclear power’ … as are the hot springs in which anti-nuclear Californian tree-huggers love to cavort. And you must know that US government departments were briefed on cold-fusion 2 decades ago. Why not just concede that you are a crackpot, that all of your friends are crackpots, that the scientometrics are concocted … and that nobody in the world of physics knows who you are.

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