Thanks to Michael Jackson

Thanks to Michael Jackson!

May 26, 2016

Agreed with Gareth, the blog back ups are of key importance and have been archived for a number of years at the British Library from the NLW ( The entire blog is also archived on the Wayback Machine ( The Youtube channel directed by Michael Jackson will be a very interesting experiment. I understand that he has plans for a channel on science and on literature. Michael also introduced me to Jeff Rense. ECE is the new avant garde physics and is here to stay.”

Thanks indeed! It will now be difficult/impossible for Ron to hide all of his ludicrous activities and statements. For everything that he believes – in his deluded state – to be great science is in fact pseudoscience … and poor-quality pseudoscience at that. Those who write skeptical books about perpetual motion and antigravity will find his archived work to be a treasure-trove of idiocy. What fun they will have with the fact that the ‘civil-list scientist’ was interviewed by a low-life anti-semite like Rancid Rense. Not to mention that Ron tacitly agreed with the comical lunatic-fringe claims of No-Bubbles. So carry on falsifying the ‘scientometrics’ Ron: the fact is that not even the lunatic-fringe journals (and there are now hundreds of them) mention you or your oeuvres merdiques.

And how is No-Bubbles’ channel going so far?

Hmmm, not good.



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