Rejected? Where?

Study of UFT88 at the World’s Best Universities – Past Six Months

May 27, 2016

It has been studied sixty times in the past six months at the world’s best universities, studied more than once at some of them. This is almost certainly the summit of a mountain of interest, because the great majority of staff and students use private computers. I can only identify institutional URL’s and sometimes departments and research groups. I estimate that these sixty studies are a fraction of the total interest in UFT88. This is because the morning reports records only about 2% of the vast total interest, a 2% selected manually from universities, institutes, corporations, government departments up to head of state seniority and military facilities. So the total number of readings of UFT88 in the past six months is probably much higher. UFT88 is the classic paper that brings the Einstein era in gravitational physics to an end and replaces it by the ECE2 gravitational field equations. The teachings of the obsolete dogmatists are being rejected completely by a new generation of scientists.”

According to Google Scholar, ‘The Bianchi Identity of Differential Geometry’ has never been cited, in spite of existing in 18 versions. So it has never been refuted? Neither has it been praised, or used in any other way. Why not appeal, on your blog, for readers to tell you exactly  who they are and what they do with the download? In fact, why not add a request to each paper which asks the reader to explain his motivation?  The scientometrics are clearly meaningless.


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