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June 30, 2016

The Mullocks auction did not go too well, did it, Ron? Absolutely no interest from the room or internet. But it could have gone much better for you and much worse for us! One of our group was trying to bid on your lots and would have gone as high as £100 for the medals and 50p for the papers! Now, while trying to juggle a movie camera (to record the proceedings) and control the mouse at the same time, he almost made a legally binding offer when the first lot appeared, thinking that the starting bid was £10. It was of course a ridiculous £10000. He does have the means to pay that, and a genuinely valuable lot could always have been re-sold … but your wildly overrated collection would really have been money down the drain! And the camera failed to record anything! A washout for everyone.




June 29, 2016

Wind 8.54%, speed 1 – 18 mph

June 29, 2016

This is about as much as the wind turbines will ever produce, so the propaganda is compete deception. The 18 mph wind happens to be over West Wales and is the highest speed in the British Isles today.”

… and perpetual-motion (‘energy-from-spacetime’) and LENR (cold-fusion) will never produce anything at all, because they are SCAMS. Those who provide theoretical back-up for them should be regarded as ‘accessories before the fact’: i.e. criminals. Insanity, of course, would be a good defence to that charge.



Petard Come Home to Roost?

June 28, 2016

Why did Wales shoot itself in the foot in this referendum? | Richard W…

June 28, 2016

It has been obvious to me all my life that the country needs to be a Bevanite socialist republic, nationalizing all land owned by absentee landlords such as aristocrats. This was a referendum set up in London: Scotland, Ulster and Wales had no say in it because England has the overwhelming advantage in population.”

You have been bleating about ‘direct democracy’ for years. We have been pointing out meanwhile that, since the IQ of the entire population is 100, by definition, that would mean that important decisions were being made by a not-particularly-bright person. And now it is finally dawning on you that ‘direct democracy’, the sort that people always think that they are fighting wars to protect, should not be permitted. That is why civilized countries all use the (disguised) dictatorship/junta system known as ‘representational  democracy’. It gives the people the illusion of choice while, in fact, protecting the age-old vested interests of the powerful.

Finding the Right Level

June 25, 2016

FOR POSTING: Promotion by The Indie Book Board, ref: AB95V

June 25, 2016

Many thanks, much appreciated. A complete list of venture published books is found on the home page of They are made available open source and have a very large readership around the world. The books are well produced by the publishers and are well worth buying.”

You should totally go for that Ron! We see pseudoscience as a sort of ‘intellectual pornography’, so your work would fit in well between such great works as The Secrets of Lucifer (“The purpose of this book is to investigate and ascertain the possible prophetic mathematical calculations that are related to people, places, events and time. The presumption is that certain events on Earth are mirrored in the Heavens or have a cause and effect in astronomical phenomenon. In particular, prophetic nuances are examined to ascertain a possible Biblically inspired theme or an occultic undertaking”) and Club Zer0 Nine (“The continuing humiliating predicaments faced by Kyle as he is trained as a chastity belted maid at the [club]. Now owned by the bulling Alpha Male Mister Harrison, Kyle suffers from the mortification of seeing his lovely wife Madison also wearing Mister Harrison’s collar. Part two takes up the story following his graduation as a fully qualified Maid in training”) on Skunk [sic] Radio. 

Without Fear of Contradiction

June 23, 2016

New Work by Osamu Ide

June 23, 2016

This looks very important as usual.”

We say that Ideotic is clearly a fool or a knave. If he thinks that the output is really three times the input then he is a fool. If he seeks funding to ‘develop’ his perpetual-motion machine, or tries to sells plans or ‘working’ devices, then he is certainly a knave. Hey,  Ideotic, why not post film of one of your gadgets driving at least two others. Those two could then each drive two more. Before too long, you could outstrip the energy output of a quasar! Or you could simply brush up your experimental technique and retire gracefully from the lunatic fringe.

Basket Case

June 23, 2016

Re Amazon Kindle

June 23, 2016

nAgreed with Alex about this, the best choice is probably still “New Generation”. Having hunted around they seem to be the most economical. The intention is to print off a few copies and arrange to send the complimentary copies to some AIAS / UPITEC Fellows. We outpower any publishing house as can be seen from the scientometrics.”

Better send them some money quickly! None of us is an accountant, but their last balance sheet appears to show that they are some £6000 in the red, and they have so far failed to file accounts for 2016. It must be very hard for publishers these days, when so many people insist on giving text away. On the other hand, “what doesn’t cost anything isn’t worth anything”. Hey, Ron, you should found your own journal … er … oops. How about founding your own university … um … oops again. 

6/10 for Effort, 0/10 for Accuracy

June 23, 2016

Gareth’s Preface

June 23, 2016

Yes it was opened by Horst and myself. I translated it into doc as per attached, and this may work.”

This might pass muster as a schoolboy essay, cribbed from elementary-level textbooks, but it is not exactly an electrifying call-to-arms is it? It is hard to believe that this amateurish spiel was written by anyone with a scientific training; the writer clearly has no knowledge of the history of physics, outside of what he has gleaned from TV documentaries and ‘popular science’ books. It is ‘boiler-plate’ writing, and bad writing at that.  Quite apart from all of the blatant lies about the ‘success’ of Ron’s crackpot ‘theory’ and the supposed failures of real physics, it is relentlessly awful. He has not even corrected the ‘hay days’ mistake which we helpfully pointed out weeks ago. He misses out the key word, ‘universal’ from Newton’s gravitational theory: others had recognized that there was attraction between bodies (although Gilbert thought that it was magnetism). Newton realized that the attraction applied to every particle of matter.  Newton was the first to note the equivalence of inertial and gravitational masses. Einstein ‘merely’ explained it. Einstein also ‘only’ explained mass-energy equivalence; it was already widely accepted. The speed of light (in vacuo) is a limit on the transfer of information, not on the movement of ‘bodies with mass’ per se. The ‘quote’ about Einstein and quantum theory does not seem to have been used by him, and has been attributed by ‘science writers’. English was not his mother-tongue but, if he had said it, he would have surely known the difference between ‘temporary’ and ‘temporarily’. Gareth-the-Sewage clearly does not. We are not even sure that he knows the difference between ‘epoch’ and ‘era’. There is the usual name-checking (his master’s voice) of Bacon, but no adherence to Bacon’s principles. Yes, one must check theory by experiment. So why is that not done here? What his Fuehrer does is to twist (incorrect) mathematics so as to fit existing data (the bad habit demonstrated by all of Ron’s chemical work). Bacon requires the theory to be checked against new data and new experimental variables. ‘Double-counting’ of the same data is not permitted. Note that Ron’s theory thus only ‘fits where it touches’: it fits the bits that it was forced to fit! In his gravitational musings, he ‘explains’ orbits … but cannot explain tides. In his gravitometric musings, he ‘explains’ precession …. but cannot explain nutation.  Ron thinks that computer-algebra is a sure check on his correctness, but computer-algebra can no more validate theory than a spell-checker can detect a (correctly spelled) lie.  Nobody seems to care about this sort of thing any more, but the punctuation is haphazard, the sentence-construction is clumsy and he makes the tyro (schoolboy?) mistake of using the same word repeatedly when a synonym or two would have been less jarring.  But apart from all of that, your Daddy will be very pleased!

The Ceredigion Candidate

June 23, 2016

Power from LENR, Spacetime and Tidal Lagoons

June 23, 2016

Many thanks in turn! I think that Gareth would be influential on this committee in favour of energy from spacetime and LENR. In order to be elected to the U. S. National Academy itself, nominations are needed from academicians, one cannot apply. It is the same process as Fellowship of the Royal Society, and the same type of process as used in the Nobel Prize.”

Excellent idea: he could be the representative from Cloudcuckooland, turning up with a freshly-washed brain and spouting nonsense about perpetual motion machines already being sold out of hovels in Mexico or being ‘developed’ by incompetent experimenters in Japan and Germany. It is frightening to think that this person was actually employed as a ‘science officer’ by a County Council.  


June 21, 2016

Ron does not seem to have noticed that 2016 is the centenary of the derivation of the Schwarzschild solution. This was the first exact solution of Einstein’s field equations to be found. It is the unique solution for the empty spacetime outside of any spherically gravitating source, and is the basis of most experimental tests of General Relativity.  It is also a very good approximation of spacetime outside of a sphere that is slowly rotating or which is slightly deformed. It describes well the gravitational field outside of bodies such as white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes and predicts the effects of gravitational lensing. It is difficult however to interpret properly some of the observable effects without having a profound understanding of special and general relativity, and the effects sometimes seem to be at odds with both common sense and with introductory physics textbooks. That is why loonies like Ron and Crothers think that they are needed, and have a better grip on the  subject. They are not, and they don’t.

Hard Copy

June 21, 2016

PECE Beginning its Run

June 21, 2016

Many thanks to Gareth and also to Horst for covering the cost of typesetting. Also to Steve Bannister of the University of Utah for voluntary typesetting and Alex Hill for translating and illustrating chapter one. Horst also illustrated chapter one in the English version, and added his own incisive sections and graphics. I will shop around now for the most economic Venture Publisher. This may well still be New Generation in London.”

We look forward to seeing it in print. We shall then take great pleasure in listing all of the mistakes that your laughable ‘typesetters’ have made, or failed to correct.



Think Again

June 21, 2016

My Conventional h Index

June 21, 2016

This is now h = 40, an increase from h = 33 in 2012. From Google scholar the forty or so publications cited forty or more times generate 6055 citations, compared with 4,083 on Nov. 28th 2012. On that date I manually counted 6180 citations for the top one thousand of my most cited publications in Google Scholar, estimating about 7,000 citations for my total output. So on those figures I now have a total of 10,381 citations. The cut off for the world’s top 1% of physicists is a lifetime total of 2,073 citations.”

According to Scopus (sorry, only scientists with proper affiliations can consult it), your lifetime h-index is 25. If the time period is limited to this century, it falls to 7. If the time period is reduced to the past 10 years, it falls to 1. Limit it to the past 5 years and it falls to zero. It is no wonder that you have to invent your own bogus scientometrics in order to prop up your ego. Just because you do not believe in conventional scientometrics, that does not explain why nobody else cites your work in the old-fashioned way. It does not explain why the viewings of your Youtube offerings are so low. Why not face the facts? You are a crank, and everybody who supports you is a crank.  Ask for your name to be taken off the list of Civil-List Pensioners (you can keep the money) and we shall say no more about it.


June 20, 2016

My View of Joyce

June 20, 2016

I have read “Dubliners” and “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” and a few pages of Ulysses, but the latter is not in my opinion good literature.

Joyce drank like a fish and knew all the dives in Dublin. He was a hard man in that he refused to abide by his mother’s dying request to take communion. He could have done so for her peace of mind. It would not have hurt his principles too much because he had none. Yeats on the other hand was a man of principle and became a Senator.”

… and a devil-worshipper. Jeez, Ron, you certainly can pick ’em.

Stating the Obvious

June 19, 2016

Wind 11.23% Strong Winds

June 19, 2016

The wind contribution today is 11.23% and the wind in Swansea is 23 mph. There are strong winds in the north west. This is the highest I have seen in about ten days, so it look as if this is the highest percentage that the wind turbines will achieve. They are slowed at a wind speed of about 45 mph and shut down at 55 mph. This 11.23% from 35,000 turbines on land and at sea is a bad third to gas / steam turbines and nuclear. It is already clear that the wind contribution fluctuates wildly, even during one day. In only just over a week it has gone from 0.5% to 11.23%. In contrast teh other sources are very steady.”

This should be obvious, but Ron is studiously ignorant when it suits him. Yes, the gas and coal stations are running continuously … and burning costly fuels  … continuously. The wind input is, er, … as free as air, and transports itself to the ‘consumer’. This means that the proliferation of turbines, combined with pumped-storage and similar schemes (to even-out daily fluctuations), will eventually outstrip other power sources; all without incurring ongoing fuel costs. Meanwhile, there is no room for hydroelectric schemes, and tidal solutions cause too many environmental problems. 

Venture = Vanity, in this Context

June 19, 2016

Looking for the Best Joint Venture Publisher

June 19, 2016

I should think so, venture publishing is big business these days, because the author gets a very large royalty and keeps copyright. The book could be sent to Wiley Interscience or Oxford University Press for example, with a list of preferred referees, but if they published it they would ask for it to be removed from The Venture Publishers will allow it to remain.”

Traditional publishing has always been ‘venture’ publishing because it is the publisher who takes all of the risk (but less so nowadays in view of on-demand printing) and may even pay large royalties up front. Here is a clue, Ron, if you pay anything at all to a publisher, then that is vanity publishing. But you are probably right to leave New Generation Publishing. None of us are accountants, but its balance-sheet does not look too healthy, and it seems to be late in filing accounts. Why not publish with your good friend Riecansky? His accounts look far healthier … although he has just survived the umpteenth threat to strike CISP off the register.

Couldn’t Agree More

June 19, 2016

Analogies between Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake and ECE and ECE2

June 18, 2016

There is quite a lot of analogy between these famous books of my Civil List predecessor James Joyce and my work since 1991, which is one continuous development of thought, built on a continuous development before that back to 1973. Joyce experimented with radically new modes of expression in richly structured prose poetry, and changed literature forever. Similarly ECE and ECE2 are variations on a theme of geometry, and the theories have changed physics forever.”

Some of us have always maintained that there is a close analogy between the ‘avant garde’ and pseudoscience. They are both perpetrated by those who have not ‘paid their dues’ or ‘done the work’, in everyday parlance, but want to take credit nevertheless. Like pseudoscience, avant garde painting and literature fail to represent reality in an accurate and useful fashion. Classical paintings and literature are of invaluable help to historians: what is a Rothko going to relate about the world to future generations? Avant garde work benefits only the individual who inflicts it on society; it does not help society as a whole. It thrives only because there is a large section of society which is always antagonistic towards the skills that it does not itself possess, and therefore seeks out the feckless freak and the incompetent outsider. This creates an exploitable market for cynical investors.

White Elephants’ Graveyard

June 19, 2016

Trying to List 50 Rhyddwen Road

June 19, 2016

Many thanks to AIAS Co President Dr. Gareth John Evans. I will certainly attempt to list it myself, the houses of the working classes deserve as much attention as the houses of the aristocracy of Wales. I happen to be an aristocrat both by descent and on merit, but was born into the poorest strata of society, into a family of coal miners. They were highly cultured, far more so than the present generation, and were forced to mine coal for a living.”

This has the makings of a tourist-industry! After all, there is already Grindell-Matthews’ old ‘laboratory’ up on the hill. And he earned a blue plaque;  albeit one placed near to Bristol. One could widen the coverage a little bit and include the house of the late ‘Professor’ “gravity does not exist” ‘Viv’ Pope. Perhaps antigravity-machine inventor, Anthony Cuthbert, could be persuaded to move in from West Wales. And for those who like to link their perverted interests, coach-tours could also take in the former home of David Morris and those of other notorious Welsh killers. It’s a winning formula!

Mixed Valuations

June 17, 2016

Santilli gold medal picture 2

Subject: Fwd: Fw: Santilli gold medal picture 2
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 11:59:05 EST
Attachment: 23112007412.jpgThis looks fantastic, and is made of solid gold! Nine of these will be awarded next year at Imperial College, London. Fort Knox does not have that amount of gold!

To “Sign of the Times”

June 23rd 2012

I fully agree with your very negative assessment of the Telesio Galilei Association – see my blog on www.aias.ustoday. I should point out that their list of scientists includes people who either do not know that they are there or who resigned years ago. For example: Gareth Evans, Jose Croca, William Coffey, Corneliu Ciubotariu, Jozef Moscicki, and Bob Gray. I recommend strongly, after reading your article, that no bona fide scientist be associated with TGA. I was invited to become a Director of Steriwave in late 2007 but after a year my tiny salary was cut in half unilaterally on the pretext of a poor economy. It was reduced to the level of a beginning apprentice or similar. After a further year I was told that I had “resigned”, which was news to me. They did indeed try to involve bona fide scientists in whatever they were up to.

I was appointed a Civil List scientist in 2005 for outstanding contributions to Britain in science and now work directly for the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth.

I am utterly appalled by the extent of the fraud revealed in your article, and advise all scientists to read your article and make up their own minds. None of my staff in AIAS is in any way associated with TGA. The large gold medal they award is not solid gold, it is merely gold plated, a minor but telling point. The share certificates they award as prizes are worthless,which is yet more to the point.

So, two-faced as usual. Why are you trying to pass off gold-plated trinkets as being valuable, and why did you conspire with Telesio-Galilei in the first place?



Teh Prooof isin hte Puddin

June 10, 2016

Proofing PECE 1 – 8

June 10, 2016

This is excellently type set, very accurate. I can only find the following minor errors.”

“The Principles of ECE Theory”

June 10, 2016

Many thanks indeed to all concerned in Muenich. This is a tremendous help and I will proof the chapters now. I can see that the preprint is beginning to be studied in preferance [sic] to the handwritten versions. When finished I will invest in its publication with New Generation of London and have copies distributed”


It is rubbish typesetting, albeit appropriate for a rubbish book.  The errors which we noted weeks ago remain uncorrected, in some places a word has been replaced and the original word has not been deleted, the sentence construction is often clumsy and there are numerous split-infinitives and other grammatical errors. The layout is amateurish: an orphan in a chapter title? Jeez! The only thing that could make it any worse would be a contribution from that irritating little Aussie. You cannot even make a short blog post about the so-called book without misspelling something.  It is lucky that you are using a vanity publisher. They do not care what they put out, provided that they have made their money. After all, what sort of real publisher would accept a book, knowing that the author intends to give other versions away?

Real Power, Not Ide(otic) Power

June 9, 2016

Correlation between wind and output

June 9, 2016

The wind at present in Swansea is about 14 mph, that is quite a lot, but the contribution of wind turbines to the grid is still a negligible 0.33%.”

So the obvious solution is to build more turbines! By the way, don’t forget that when the wind-speed is doubled, the power-output goes up by eight times. We would explain the physics of that, but it would be beyond you. 

Fair-Weather Enemy

June 8, 2016

Enquiry about the Gridwatch Website

June 8, 2016

To Postmaster at Templar:

I have recently been studying the to try to make some sense of the real contribution of wind turbines. Today, the site records that only 0.64% of needs in the countries of Britain is being generated by wind turbines, more than half by gas / steam power stations, the rest by nuclear and coal, nothing recorded about hydroelectricity and biorenewables, photoelectric devices and so on.”

And on the 5th March this year, the wind dial was at 9.27% and the coal dial was at 11.51%. Your point is …?  Turbines can be built more quickly than coal power stations. The only things blocking that are the loony luddites.


June 7, 2016

Elimination of Artifact

June 7, 2016

This is a sensible note of caution by Simon Clifford. What I mean by networking is essentially the elimination of artifact prior to patenting. I assume that all these possible sources of artifact have been considered and eliminated. I know that the circuit in UFT311 has been replicated both by the Munich group and another worker in Japan. Has Simon Clifford attempted to replicate the circuit in UFT311? As many Fellows as possible should attempt replication.”

This is big news for the primitive species known as AIAS: one of its appendages is showing sign of developing a brain! Of course, we have been saying for years that incompetent or deliberate mismeasurement is behind all of the ‘free energy’ (perpetual-motion) schemes. It is no accident that most of the  ‘stars’ in that field are/were electrical engineers and …. naturally … Tesla is their god. 

How Pathetic

June 6, 2016

Articles on ECE and ECE2 Theories

June 6, 2016

Prof. Carlos Nunez,
Department of Physics,
University College Swansea,

Dear Prof. Nunez,

Glad to make your acquaintance. These articles are all available open source on with the exception of M. W. Evans and A. A. Hasanein, “The Photomagneton in Quantum Field Theory” (World Scientific 1994). They are either in the UFT section or the Omnia Opera section, where articles can be accessed by hyperlink. Alex Hill ( has translated many articles, essays and books into Spanish. I have published about 1,900 articles and books, essays, broadcasts and so on in all. These are all on and The ECE / ECE2 unified field theories are based on Cartan geometry and they are studied open source and continuously in the best universities in the world.”

Ron is so used to being contacted only by loony-tunes that, when he hears from a proper physicist (albeit a theoretical one), he wags his tail like a little puppy. He does not even care that Nunez is one of those hated CERN-type people who deal in string theory and ‘non-existent’ particles. But who knows. Perhaps Nunez is one of those academics who are so open-minded that people can put anything into it; like fly-tippers confronted with an unattended skip. Nevertheless, what will Nunez think of Ron’s opinion of ‘everything Higgs’, having written papers such as:

Disingenuous, as Usual

June 4, 2016

Objection to Planning Permission

June 4, 2016

This is typical of forced development, development that is heavily opposed yet forced through merely for profit.


Among Ron’s objections are: “It is a very small area of land that overhangs the peacefulness of my garden. There will be problems of noise and encroachment on my land. The development also threatens to destroy one of the finest oak trees in the entire area. This oak grows on my land, the development would completely destroy it on one side, the side that overhangs the area designated for development. ” and “The area is very small, all that is possible to build is a tiny detached dwelling” plus “There is little or no access to motor vehicles, and probably no room for a garage“. None of these objections seem to be at all relevant to the planned development:,+Craig-cefn-parc,+Swansea+SA6+5RH/@51.7057669,-3.9134558,181m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x486e58b3a4ffd341:0x9867fe9fc02d70d4!8m2!3d51.7059146!4d-3.9131613

Perhaps Ron simply cannot read plans, such as the designated parking spaces for 3 cars.




B-Rated B-Day

June 1, 2016

Why did the world’s greatest physicist (according to you) and one of the world’s most prolific scientists (according to you) receive so few birthday greetings last month, and why were the well-wishers all cranks?  Could it be that your opinion of yourself is as worthless as your opinion concerning everything else? 

Basic Education

June 1, 2016

FOR POSTING: UFT347 Sections 1 and 2 and Notes

June 1, 2016

This is an original and general theory of all observed precessions, which are shown to be due to a Lorentz force equation with a precession frequency equal to half the magnitude of the gravitomagnetic field. The gravitoelectric field is defined in Eq. (32). The Lorentz force equation is Eq.(36), which introduces corrections to the principal of equivalence, the Newtonian Eq. (38). It is shown that the gravitomagnetic orbital forces produce precession, and occur in addition to the well known centripetal and Coriolis forces.”

It is rather odd that someone who claims to have overthrown Einstein does not understand basic physics. The Coriolis force is fictitious: when the ballet-dancer speeds up as she pulls her arms in, it is the Coriolis force which actually increases the angular velocity. Let’s say that you got that right, if in a rather over-egged fashion. But the other common fictitious force (there are many unnamed ones) is called ‘centrifugal’. Centripetal forces are real; they are simply the forces pulling something to a centre. Familiar examples are gravitational attraction, and the tension in a sling before releasing the projectile.  The centrifugal force is a fictitious force which is invoked (by observers in a rotating  frame of reference) in order to satisfy Newton’s third law re the centripetal force.  So why did you imply that a centripetal force is a fictitious one?