Disingenuous, as Usual

Objection to Planning Permission

June 4, 2016

This is typical of forced development, development that is heavily opposed yet forced through merely for profit.


Among Ron’s objections are: “It is a very small area of land that overhangs the peacefulness of my garden. There will be problems of noise and encroachment on my land. The development also threatens to destroy one of the finest oak trees in the entire area. This oak grows on my land, the development would completely destroy it on one side, the side that overhangs the area designated for development. ” and “The area is very small, all that is possible to build is a tiny detached dwelling” plus “There is little or no access to motor vehicles, and probably no room for a garage“. None of these objections seem to be at all relevant to the planned development:





Perhaps Ron simply cannot read plans, such as the designated parking spaces for 3 cars.





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